In honor of Crossout’s anniversary, we will launch a long-awaited special event during which you can remove upgrades from parts! Only from May 31, 12:00 GMT, to June 3, 05:00 GMT, you will be able to remove upgrades from parts and receive their tradable versions to your storage. We would like to remind you that after removing an upgrade, you will get 1 tradable part.

Please note that some parts are NOT participating in the event:

  • Parts from the reward scale of the current event “Omega Protocol”;
  • Parts from the reward scales of the last 3 seasons: “Road to Singularity”, “Sky Raiders” and “Frostbite Assault”.

31 May 2024


it costs quite a bit to remove the upgrades.

Was going to unfuse a Stillwind, but it cost more stabilizers than I had, so I sold all my stabilizers instead.

Same. Crafted higher-end stabilizers from the lower ones, and sold them off.

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The only use this event has is selling/buying stabilizers

It is too costly to remove upgrades

what xo bot is doing this? why lower the price this much? it will sell a penny lower?
'i hate PC market…


Only because they locked out every new item since the last un-fuse event.

I had 100 legendary stabilizers ready to un-fuse a bunch of stuff… I bought them at 70c each so 15 cost me only 1050c ish. So anything over 1200c or so was profit, I could un-fuse my Hippogriff, Starfall, Dove, Flock etc.

Instead I sold half my stabilizers and un-fused my Omamori, making 5000c from the stabilizers and keeping 45 for the future. I could have made so much more but devs were scummy as always.

This was my post about it -


Yeah the artificial locking away the parts that could give the players any kind of a way to make actual use of this event for money was just the corn icing on this turd cake

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I was pleased to be able to sell my stabilizers. I kept the blue ones, as that’s what I’m most likely to use, if I use any at all. Between that, and the free 100C one of these passes gave me, it’s the only coin I’ve got. I wasn’t upset with this deal.

In fact, living off the land (F2P), has been good to me lately. The Crossout Day event sort of keeps awarding me “consolation” prizes, but I did get some cool paints and the basic duck, and I do like the free pack because of the license plate. I’ve been wanting one of those for a while, and I’d ask for more of these, as I would collect those, hubcaps, and hood ornaments too, if they presented them.

More event license plates, please. I like them better than the holograms, personally.
Point is; I guess I don’t care much about how they implemented this upgrade-removal thing.

I do think it’s odd how hard they can’t give away free stuff without making people mad. Is that a bug or a feature? I often marvel at this.

I’m happy to take their free stuff, thanks.

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Consider using your blue stabilizers to craft higher rarity ones to sell. I made a few legendaries to sell, and should have enough for a pair of Goliaths.

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I don’t have a lot of gear, and I can see me using the ones I’ve got.

It’s hard to address the market vs crafting dynamic on PC. I don’t always have the energy.

15 legendary stabilizers costs 360 rares lol

I don’t think people realise quite how rare these things are and you only get 1 per prestige level

my buying of 100 legendary stabilizers equates to 2400 rares and I don’t think people really understand how much they can be worth.

I bought 117 for 69 or less coins for each. I sold 53 at 180+ coins, kept 4 and unfused my 3 stillwinds and thor. Made a super tidy penny, got a odin chilling for future profit, and XO has been good to me for a little while here. Soon as this season ends, i got 3 yetis, 2 finwhales and 18 runes ready to offload when the price is right.

Should be looking at id say a realistic 50k coins profit after everything is sold. Itll probably take a few months to get to the thresholds of sale prices i want, but i got nothing but time.

Piggybacking off of m420, i bought 2808 rare stabilizer worth of legendaries. Thats insane, and the profit margin was literally around 160%. I love these damn unfusion events.

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Yeah see I made profit, but nothing close to what I could have if they had allowed the un-fusing of the later passes… as it stands I made 12k off what I sold, keeping 45 of them and un-fused my omamori ready to sell.

Why unfuse your omamori? Did you have 2?

i managed to get a few extra epics and unfused the extra bootstrap i had. weird they gave out 2 in the event but im gonna sell the extra one i have… or should i keep it? you guys think that it might be used in an event?

its that bad on ps4 as well. market bots doing the same thing to relics.
i tried selling a typhoon and they would keep bidding a penny below me even after a few hours passed, within 10 seconds of me changing the price they instantly changed it to a penny below me. i hate the market place as well.

I don’t use it, and it’s been selling for near 20k on xbox

All it takes is to be out in a mini pass again to tank the price

I had 45 gold and 45 purple stabilizers that I bought for 60-110 each. I infused my Stillwinds, sold 2 and bought ore to craft a second Odin. I have all the legendaries to make a third and fourth Odin.

I’m hoping to sell 3 Odins to get a set of Rippers.

You people make me sick with your windfalls. :unamused:


Damn, i really should pay more attention to this things.