* NEWS - What to expect in the upcoming July update

What to expect in the upcoming July update

Hello, survivors!

As always, we would like to share the latest information about the next update with you. Certain brawls that you all know and love will make a comeback; and there’s a new relic weapon coming to the game. But let’s start at the beginning.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all.

Return of the “Big Black Scorpions” brawl and other modes

The long-awaited brawl is finally back!

In July, the survivors will once again take the “Scorpions” into a furious battle. In this mode, just a single hit means destruction, but the battle does not end with that. Destroy as many vehicles as you can and dodge projectiles from your enemies. This is the only way to win! The new version of the mode includes an improved preset vehicle.

The following brawls will also return to the rotation: “Impulsiveness”, “Wheels of fortune” and “At gunpoint”.

Temporary PvE raid “Taming the dragon”

“Taming the dragon” is a raid for 4 players, with the familiar mechanic of defending against waves of enemies. And the enemies are very diverse: from fierce “Berserkers” and “Rockers” to cunning “Communicators”, “Hunters” and others. The more waves you survive, the more valuable the reward will be.

New relic weapon: the “Devourer” minigun

This minigun really eats the enemies for breakfast thanks to its very fast projectiles. In addition to the hail of bullets, the new weapon is double-barreled, which is crucial for its ability. The perk allows the minigun to release a burst of cooling, armour-piercing and explosive projectiles. It really devours the enemies’ durability!

New “Rundown” event and updated “Crafting” tab

The new “Rundown” event with a reward scale of various useful items starts in July. The next update will also change the “Crafting” tab and make it more convenient and informative.

In addition, the update will include a number of other improvements, as well as fixes for certain known bugs. And, of course, we will release the already announced balance changes, which you can see here.

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Oh, wow a relic minigun that I will never be able to afford or make.

Gee thanks for that.

Is this really what the players are asking for. A relic item?



My thoughts exactly… especially considering I just bought 2 reapers a few days ago… now they are getting an upgrade I can’t afford. :sob:


Seems like they add at least one relic per year, and they are never part of a BP.

So it’s not surprising that’s what they have planned to release during this Ravager’s BP.

I don’t care about relics either, but it’s an aspect of the game they can’t just ignore, as the dedicated CW players love their relics and are willing to buy packs to get them.

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Thanks Poony4u,

I appreciate your insight! You rock sir!


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People that have been buying the big BPs should have enough fused gear to play CW at a competitive level. I rarely use relics (currently have 1 typhoon and 1 flash) but have enough uranium and coin to make the relic reapers when they come out.

Because the game is so old, they better keep adding 1 or 2 relics each year. They add non relics in each BP and there is a much greater variety to choose from already.

Add PC crossplay and let us have clans of mixed consoles and CPU. It is time to make it happen.

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I agree completely, and didn’t mean to imply that adding a relic or two a year is about cash grab tactics.
More that new relics are mostly of interest to people that play CW, and that they are significant enough part of the playerbase that it makes sense to keep adding relics.
And yes, pc/console crossplay would be very good for the game!

An update that tells new players to leave. JJ crossover can only squeeze wallets. In a month, maybe two, there will be another update with another weapon that verlibs will be happy to buy immediately.

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meta monkey whales must be satisfied else i shall get fired from targem, must fill my Stupid Update quota


You nailed it with this comment for the majority of clients! :100:


Could you at least tell me what parts I need for crafting so I can at least try to make a little profit? Please? :sob:

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What we the majority that don’t have relics are thinking…
Episode 8 GIF by The Simpsons

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so true lol


I genuinely can’t be excited at all about a new relic, or any news involving relics. Unreachable, won’t own a set unless jumping through hoops like clan wars and whaling, don’t care. Not to mention it’s more currentmeta easywin easy constant fire weaponry with lots of effects slapped onto it because relic

“New” brawls, “yay” I guess, I’ll play a few matches and then not touch them again until the next one happens, rinse and repeat and mostly ignore

We’ll see how the crafting tab changes are, usually when they change something abotu the interface it sure isn’t more “convenient and informative”

New event, useful items? Resource crates at most, a few stickers, possibly need to buy the battle pass for the event to unlock everything


Very Good GIF

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I hate how relics are just knockoffs of other legendaries, wish they were unique like the original 3 relics plus ripper. I can get a similar experience with the reaper and have just as much fun. Part of the reason why porcupines are my relic of choice is because they are actually unique with no other analogues.

It’s July rn, what date is it coming out?? lol

More machine guns, just what the game needs.

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This one isn’t hitscan though, it’s like the reaper

first time they acknowledged bricks, only took them like a year.
anyway, i think its finally time for a new cancer meta since this has been nerfed