Next BP season: Hyperboreans

So in the art news for next month they dropped this little bit of info:

February the Hyperboreans are expected to return to the Wasteland as part of the new season

Anyone remember if they dropped any other hints in the last few stories?

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Tail end of:

Mentions them:

The Mentor and the Hyperboreans, who have already declared the inability of the Brotherhood and the Khaganate to restore order and ensure security, are taking full advantage of the situation. The former exile is actively building up his forces and, apparently, is preparing for future conflicts, as evidenced by…


The gimmick server login thing doesn’t work anymore so left that out…

That’s about the only other recent mention I noticed.

Hyperboreans returning? I would speculate that submarines are on the way, if they can find a way to flood the wasteland. I’m ready…



They’re possibly my favourite faction after Firestarters, so I’m happy about this.

I thought they said something in the year in review video? Maybe not, just went to rewatch it

The Nautical theme (whaler faction) the Hyperboeans bring lends itself well to the dieselpunk airship motif, which I like. I will prepare my inventory for its arrival.

I’m sure people will be upset with the workbench it will bring, because if I’m reading the gag right, it should lean into whale inventories and require a lot of top shelf items to participate in with.

I suppose there is currently a work bench that asks for something like 80,000 coins of resources and components to craft stuff on, so they don’t always confine this practice to the Nauty Hyperborean events. I feel alienated by workbenches like that. It seems far fetched for me to expect anything out of them ever, considering the price tags.

I shop at the Piggly Wiggly. I ain’t chasing that dragon. I’m not too shy to bust out the Visa and p2p, but that seems ridiculous to me…plus this game’s kinda wonky. I’ll keep it on a short leash until things improve.

I do want to put together a good dieselpunk airship for once though, so I’ll be hoping for something there that’ll help with that, and I think the whaler theme is clever. The Huggin has been a very popular cab too. I’m sure it will be interesting.

I hope next year isn’t as awful as the last one has been. There was some good stuff in there, but the game hasn’t been as much fun to play overall, IMO. I think this last update is still settling in, getting tweaked in the night, and has yet to spread its effects, so maybe things will improve?

They need a broader player base, but they tend to focus on the whales a lot, and have abandoned most of the entry level material, like the shell casings, coupons, Adventure mode, the basic faction workbenches, the Engineers (still no engine), co-drivers, wheels, etc. Not to mention that most every event revolves around players with phat inventories and heaps of spare coin.

I’d like to have something more positive to say, but after this last year I’m a bit thin on accolades and hope…glad they stopped ruining the wall paper with that hideous block-code though.

Yeah exactly, was curious if they’d fly something interesting in.

I was thinking about that myself too, as I spend way too much resource wise this last round.

Not sure I was trying to remember back to return of the founders and syndicate 2 as far as what they brought with. Enemy of My Enemy had a large workbench but I skipped it as it looked like everything would all get nerfed. Syndicate 2 I think ended up being The Big Chase if I remember right.

As they say they will be part of the season it makes me think it won’t fully be about them.

So that would be more like, The Big Chase or Guiding Star I don’t know if I’m reading too much into that though.

Still kind of kicking the ideas around in my head.

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Me too. I invested in a bunch of melee I mostly hate, but that’s what this game is so…I also invested in revolvers, which I like, but they suck and aren’t melee, so aren’t really competitive. I should have kept my Boar, I guess.

I blew a lot of coin trying out different things that didn’t work, lost my ass on Atoms that suck and are now too cheap for me to sell, and in the end all that seems to work consistently is my middle finger (just press W).

My tracks are garbage, the Manitou is garbage (pretty garbage), the Atoms are garbage…most of my inventory is crap. The only thing that works is schit I don’t want to play.

I fused a set of Emlies, but they are too flimsy and I just get pwnd by booster pig squads if I use them…I really hated this year. Glad it’s over. Worst year ever, IMO. Hope it gets better.

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’ I Agree’ …

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I bought 8 more and upgraded all of them. I like them though the upgrade helped more with smaller sets of them then it did for running all 8 but even that got a little better. (I wouldn’t tell someone that doesn’t like them to spend on doing it though.) I think they are kind of like the omni when they first came out most people didn’t like them that much unless they were upgraded and they ended up lowering the power drain on them still. Made an extra hippogriff cab however they are spelling that. Popped out an extra aurora will be upgrading that.

Outside of the cerb cab I don’t do much active melee. Which melee did you pick up?

One of the mod’s made a great comment about them last night, he said, “The best parts about them are that they are small and nobody notices when you hit them with them.” I kind of would like a set at some point for low PS fun.

I keep eyeing those but just can’t justify the expense since I don’t have any revolvers atm.

I like those little ping pong ball launchers. You kind of have to play them really low to have them survive though. Awakening area is fun with them. I’d probably end up doing that with the cab too.

I do too, even if I’m not getting great results with them presently. I’ll stick with them until I figure something out. Then I’ll be glad I fused my Manitou, maybe.

I did have OK results, or I saw some potential in an Atom-Manitou-Emily build I did earlier today. Still got pwnd by rocket pigs ultimately (there’s a lot of that lately), along with the rest of my team, over and over, but it showed I could be a proper nuisance with that set-up.

I want to explore the idea more. The equipment itself is a lot of fun to play. The Atoms are more like how I would want hovers to be, with a good bit more rider feedback, and no wobble. And, the Emily is just fun. I like its proportion of predictive firing, the cool nerf-gun soundFX, it’s nice tight fit for building with, and the Manitou’s perk is a must-have for a revolver, IMO. It’s fast and very handsome, too…and the duck-call horn is one of the best.

I still like my purchase. It’s a nice product, but I wish there was a better game to play them in.

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Most of my pvp has been heli or conf modes and I haven’t any rocket pigs in there.

I do kind of hope conf takes off more it would be nice to see and have a leagues at: 6k,8k,10k,CW if they made some minor adjustments. 9k I almost alway end up way over or under.

The Pack hovers have a lot less wobble that’s generally what I use. I like doing little quad builds.

Sounds like it would probably work. I was messing around with the small quad setups with the atoms late into the morning earlier today. Was trying to figure out a small aegis build with them as the wheels could just clear the bubble if needed. I really prefer playing small builds.

I thought about picking them up again more than once this season but with everything else I already spent on I’ll probably wait. Still thinking about it though lol… The horn is rather nice.

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I don’t care. Not spending money until there are balance patches. Im not paying for the BP’s because I want Balance patches, not BP’s.

I sent the money I would have spent on a yearly sub to my daughter for Xmas. She can spend it on garbage just as easy as I can.

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I’m also liking atoms, although I’ve only made a small handful of builds with them so far.

Manitou convinced me to go on a revolver binge. I had some corvo workpieces and Emily ones too, so I crafted sets of those and then bought some Naguals on the market.

The implementation of the cabin perk is a bit awkward, but it’s still a nice boost to all the revolvers. I use it more to pre-charge a load of shells before I attack, and then retreat to reload another load of charged shots. And if I lose my target before emptying the clip I’ll use it to reload.

I think Nagual is the best of them, although obviously Athena is better (I just can’t afford that).

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I use mine everyday in raids. That was the main reason why I upgraded them beyond they are incredibly cheap right now. The resource usage hurt more than the coin expenditure. lol…

A lot of the manual perks are like that unfortunately. It just takes time to get use to them. It ends up being a lot of timed button juggling for the lack of a better term.

That’s pretty much how I’d try to use it. I’ve been trying a lot of them from exhibition in my garage.

Shame, I liked the hypeborburgers, but the way the game is going I can’t put any money into it with a good conscience