Next crates to open

but what do i do with them after i open them?..

Fuse them


Fuse them (but you probably got fused already)…
After that, put them on a shelf. Then make a bigger shelf and put the new copies of the same fused ‘rare’ (hah, RARE, yeah right) items on there… And so on until you drown in copies and copies of the same items clinging to the hope you can maybe one day be able to sell them for a second hand used toilet paper (which let’s be honest probably has more worth than these crates).

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you can scrap fused items for resources.

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I was just joking there for a moment, but can you scrap fused items that ware non-salvageable before fusing?
I can’t even remember… Got some useless items and crates just sitting there and I don’t even pay attention to them for a while now.

Yes you can. It just makes them regular fused items.

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:+1: Thanks

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fused item can be scrapped for stabilyzer not for resource.

Yes fused items is much better than items unused, lately i find out to have more than 200 garage box builting mode, lol i didn’t know is possible to sold out the garage items too nice surprise for me.