Next Update

Give us something to counter the Huginn shotgun builds plz

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I hear you, those builds are a real cancer to the game.

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Please give us some proper balance changes and nerf the obviously op DPS stuff already since you fugged it all up with the armor update


There yea go. All you need is an icebox, 3 defenders, 3 ml 200’s and a radiator/cooler. This thing eats huginn shotgun builds for breakfest, dinner and supper.

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Just remove camera steering, 95% of those guys will counter themselves straight into a wall.


Have you tried a daze?

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This is why they need to give unconditional full reverse speed to every movement part in the game. Shotgun players don’t hit the same if you have the skill to reverse away w/o crashing.

Camera steering needs to be removed for everybody.

Problem solved.

next update, please restore the “previous blueprint” function in the garage building mode.

Then, change everyone’s profile picture to this for the schitzngigglez.

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Next update, they’ll say their game has gone so far that people need to “buy” it to play, and ask for a straight up 30 euromonies purchase before you’re allowed to log in again. Matches now cost coins, switching vehicles costs coins, saving and deleting blueprints costs coins, and all of these use crosscrowns rather than regular coins.

The new garage song is

and they’ve removed all other modes but helicopter modes, bedlam has been removed all together, they’ll force people to grind raids somehow, all matches cost fuel to participate in

Everything OP has been buffed and the weapons that need buffs have been removed from the game. No compensation for players who had those guns, fused or not.

Also we’re planning to launch water battles and submarines and this game is now pretty much war thunder 2.0

And here’s 5 brand new russia-only free packs with free Athenas
Give us money