No balance changes, and another premium pack

This game is getting more greedy by the minute. No actual updates, but charging 65 f*cking euros for a pack with what… 1 new 3d model?

Some of your players must have massive udders, with how shamelessly hard you try to milk them with your scam operation, Targem.


Yeah, and they raised the prices.

If I remember correctly, the old cheep packs used to be $9.99 US and now it is $13.99

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While i do appreciate new content, i believe the gamestate at the moment, especialy on high ps and cw urgently needs balance changes.


What? You don’t like super fast OP hovers :slight_smile:

Yes, they kind of messed up high PS.
I honestly thought before all these changes to controls that we had a pretty good Meta. We had a lot of different builds that worked.

Hahah, apparently its not just me, i meet the same people every day in high ps and clan wars is at a very bad state at the moment.
Before summer, the game was the best it has been in years, plenty of builds, a lot of weapons in a lot of movement parts, in both randoms and CW. A lot of teams utilized different stuff and you could even be surprised by non meta builds more often than you would expect.
And its not something i realized now, i was thinking the same thing at the time and to be frank i was quite happy with it.
Not everything was flowers and sunshine, tripple dracos apeared and started killing everything, MLs were almost useless, and tracks-omnis were unusable competitively…
But still things were so much better.

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Man I miss the full Draco teams. Easiest games ever, we still have a bunch of 3v4 victory screens from those days T_T Ended up making a bit of uranium because the meta was so chill and predictable lol.