No boots + full players

This new forum is even acceptable, but work more within the game, I’m sure you’ll attract more players and be more successful working on the game. Starting with Full players matches, nobody likes 50% boots in a PvP (In Full player raids too. It would be a good idea to put a chat before the match. Want more players? Improve interaction and matches and you will get excellent results, I’m not even going to talk about fixing bugs and balancing equipment because it’s the basics, and begging for it is ridiculous. :unamused:

Yeah, 50% boots are terrible… But did you mean the ones that have no cover for your toes, or just getting one boot for your left leg and no boot for the right?

Speaking of boots, would be nice if there ware no bots in the game, but that won’t happen.

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We should do a poll, or selection, something like that that catches the developers’ attention. They recently made an in-game poll about the maps in the arenas, something like that that made a big move here on the forum would definitely bring results.

i doubt. they are definetely having very brawl/cw based vision and thats probably where whales are.

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I like having both boots and bots in the game, since I usually can’t outplay other human players.


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Hey, you know where you can make polls? Reddit! Go figure!

THe move with this forum was to further silence and belittle the playerbase to retain more control in a developing socio-political climate. They dgaf about a poll, or what we think. The more the “developers” can separate and confine us the better.

Look how hard they try to separate us into categories so that we may not interact and potentially collaborate. Theres prospective clients - people being advertised to, people who arent playing the game - this is the mark. Then theres <lvl30s - this category is the golden goose, these are the people devs consistently screw over, lengthening the grind etc etc to incentivize defaulting to buying progress. Then, theres veterans/experienced players who can see the bigger picture, who can call out the mods on their BS, who have been a part of the platform for a long time and are more regular fixtures than most of the devs.

Now, its very obvious the business level advantages there are to keeping these groups separate. Its social manipulation. This new forum is another form of social manipulation. They know reddit and discord are not user friendly and people get drowned out. They want people to get drowned out.

Every move is deliberate. You are mistaken if you think this or any decision comes without consideration of us players. The repercussions of their decisions are known, and in fact, their goal.

The less of us veterans talking about how the game/people/soulless employees is/are a toxic wasteland means better exposure for new players.