No Bot PvP weekend!

I know the title is a little click bait for a Friday :slight_smile:

But why can’t we have a weekend to test what PvP would be like without bots? (It might need to be PS restricted or engineer lvl restricted so new guys have faster que times)

Then after everyone gets a chance they can have a vote and see if people would rather play with all player and have longer wait times, or if they would rather faster wait times with bots?


Man, I’d be willing to put up with those 7k PS spreads to try it out.

I’d probably hate it, but worth a try! :man_shrugging: :laughing: :joy:


At least we could finally put the debate to a rest. Find out what the majority of people think.

The mob rules!

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They could do a 7-14 day event and add some monetization! (gotta give them some incentive)

I like this idea. I have often wondered if I sat in the que 30 more seconds if it would have been a full game of people.

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i Vote…‘shorter wait times’ …this game is too slow as it is,i don’t mind bots filling in,but they should be the same bots on both teams…no one likes to wait :crazy_face:

I’ll keep the bots. My pvp win rate is about 25% :frowning:

Yikes. My MVP rate is higher than that xD

Sorry, couldnt resist. Im weak.

I watch tv or a movie when I am farming. But for those that don’t, I agree that 30 seconds would seem an eternity.

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Same… or I’m fiddling with something else. This is why I think I find the game so much more enjoyable than the serious gamer doodz. The more serious you take the game, it seems the less you enjoy it. [enter now cliche comment about CW sweaty tryhards]

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This is not directed at you, your quote just made me think of this.

Farming is one of the main problems.

Everything in this game is just farming and because the rewards are the same if you fight players or bots then many people will pick easy bots over a challenge with human players.

I’m done farming… we’re is the challenge? I know some players are so bad you wish you had bots on your team instead. But if we didn’t have bots it might give people a reason to play better?

This is why you still got guys after years stuck in only patrol and they wonder why they are no good at PvP.

This is also why people complain about fighting 4 man groups. They don’t want anything to interrupt easy farming.

If you had a mode where a team of bots stood in a line and let you kill them all, people would play that :crazy_face:

Farming… I use that term for much of what I’m doing in the game. For example, if I’m just wanting to play with one of my silly builds or try out something new & bonkers, then I’m going to go do an easy raid with it, patrol, or the 20 side missions in Adventure. I consider all of that kinda’ farming. I know it’s not technically farming - exclusively doing whatever it is that will gain you resources the fastest. So yeah, in a way everything is lowkey farming.

I have fairly well stopped doing anything exclusively for the resources or rewards. If I don’t really enjoy it, I just don’t do it. It’s made the game much more fun & much less work.

Patrol, for me, is lazy playing… as when I’m feeling lazy, not calling people lazy for playing it. It definitely will not prepare you for PVP. People are unpredictable. People have very unique builds. Bots, on the other hand… heck, I know exactly where the ammo packs are in every bot build I see. Cloak up, swing around back, drill to the meaty stuff.

That being said, Patrol is the last stage in build testing… If you wanna know where your weak points are, go there. Adventure - raids - patrol - PVP. By the time one of my builds shows up in PVP, it’s generally well vetted.

It’s also why I find it funny when people get angry when they’re playing next to my butt-dragging puppy art build in Patrol. Like… man… if you wanna take this game seriously, the rompa-room isn’t the place.

Agreed 100%.

What do you think your Test Drive area is, afterall? :man_shrugging: :upside_down_face:
One of my kids will fart around in test drive all afternoon if I let him.

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Me too, this is great advise for everyone.
We have touched on this many times on the forums.

:100:- if I don’t have time to complete my BP challenges in PvP I’ll jump into patrol to bash them out really fast. No same in playing patrol.

Again :100: agree. Many people don’t get this and when they play PvP they get owned then come here and complain.

If people want to get good at PvP then build for and play PvP.

When I’m building I also fall victim to this :slight_smile: lol
The best advice is to keep clicking the play button, sometimes in need to take that advice myself.

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I should be clear:

Unless it’s a big part in a movie, my full attention (if that is possible with my 2 brain cells) is on the game.

I just don’t care about Que times, because it doesn’t bother me to watch another 30 seconds to a minute of TV.

By definition, someone has to be below 50th percentile. Even if the bottom 50% quit… there would be a new line of demarcation.
It reminds of me of all the people that told me they deserved a promotion for management positions when I interviewed them, yet on simple tests they did not pick the answer that is best for the business…or continues normal business operations etc… or safety…

Dunning-Kruger Effect stated that less competent people are more confident.

Idk where I am going with this rambling so I will stop.

I still really like the original Idea of this post and support it.


This is true, but just like the real military “combat experience” is priceless. (Which you can’t get from raids or patrols)

Fighting with weapons and tactics is not the same skill as business.

You can answer all the right questions and as soon as I put a gun in your hand and ask you to run up that hill and kill someone it’s a different story.

So, yes, in business what your saying might hold true. But when it comes to fighting I’m not sure it’s the same thing.

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Low IQ people think they’re smart. Higher IQ people doubt that of themselves.
Low IQ people are happier. Higher IQ people are not.
Broad generalities, of course, backed up with countless surveys.

This is why, imo, folks with Downs Syndrome greeting me at Chic-fil-A seem to be the happiest people on Earth.

So, if you think about it, Hannah, Brian, Joern, etc are probably the happiest players in CrossOut, because God knows those bots are dumb. A no Bot PVP weekend would bring the satisfaction level in the game way down! :clown_face:

See… and you thought I was going off on a tangent.

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Pretty sure if you handed me a gun and told me to run up a hill and kill people… I would lose confidence in your ability to discern reality. :rofl:

The beauty of percentage based curves (bell curves) is that they apply to everything. Nothing is always exactly in the center, its more a smattering at the center. This is not exclusive to business and applies to all things that contain statistics.

Either way, I still am not sure what I was rambling about.

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You can take the same numbers to prove any side you want.

They say numbers don’t lie, but that’s a lie.

Same in game and real life.

really players?
stay on topic…
it’s just a game,it’s not real life… :crazy_face: :rofl: