No love for wheels , or new season part 2

Part 1

Hello, survivors!

Today we are going to present you the new legendary cabin and tell you about its features, as well as share information about the changes for the existing tracks and certain cabins in the game.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

Light cabin “Kronos”

Thanks to the documentation of the Waderkvarn corporation found in one of their laboratories, the Dawn’s children were able to master the control modules of the Ravagers and soon began to use them for their own purposes.

Just one look at the new cabin will be enough for many survivors to want it in their collection. The mysterious technologies of the Ravagers and the refined style of the Dawn’s children create the perfect combination.

Among the legendary cabins of the “light” type, “Kronos” is the lightest one. This is reflected in the smaller mass and durability, slightly lower tonnage and mass limit, and excellent speed — this will be the fastest cabin in Crossout at the time of the update’s release. But even this won’t be the most important aspect, because “Kronos” will have a lot of power nodes, which will be connected to the cabin’s perk.

The cabin is able to gradually restore the durability of parts that are attached to its power nodes. For this, it has a limited resource, which is spent during the perk’s activation. Once the restoration resource is depleted, the perk will be disabled until cooldown. You can manually control the restoration process and enable/disable while there are available charges left. The perk is recharged by the armoured car wrecks located in front of your car (regardless if they are friendly or hostile). If you take damage during this time, then the accumulation of the perk’s charges will slow down.

Planned changes to tracks and certain cabins


We plan to add perks for all tracks in the game.

Small track

At a speed of no less than a certain value, the spread of the weapons mounted on the vehicle will be reduced. If there are other movement parts mounted on the car, the spread reduction bonus will decrease in proportion to their amount.


The track will increase the weapon rotation speed by a certain amount. If there are other movement parts mounted on the car, the rotation speed bonus will decrease in proportion to their amount.

Reinforced track

Each “Reinforced track” mounted on the car will increase the durability of all the same tracks on the vehicle by a certain amount.

Tank track

After losing a certain amount of the armoured car’s durability, its speed and power will increase. The perk will only work if there are no other movement parts mounted on the car.

Armoured track

When the player is within a certain radius of a certain number of opponents, the damage protection of his structural parts increases.


Parts attached to the track will receive a durability bonus.


Hot Rod

  • Cabin type changed from “medium” to “light”.
  • Cabin rarity increased to “special”.
  • PS increased from 750 to 1300.
  • Maximum cabin speed increased from 80 to 90 km/h.
  • Added perk: increases the accuracy of mounted weapons by 15%.


  • Cabin rarity increased to “special”.
  • PS increased from 750 to 1100.
  • Durability reduced from 380 to 330 pts.
  • Maximum cabin speed increased from 70 to 75 km/h.
  • Tonnage increased from 4100 to 4600 kg.
  • Mass limit increased from 9000 to 9500 kg.
  • Added perk: the damage of weapons and drones is increased as long as there are enemy vehicles in a radius of 25 meters from you. Max. 10% bonus is achieved over 10 sec.


  • Cabin rarity increased to “special”.
  • PS increased from 750 to 1100.
  • Maximum cabin speed increased from 55 to 65 km/h.
  • Added perk: charges when there are enemies within a radius of 115 m, and the more the enemies, the faster. By pressing the button, speeds up weapon reloading by 30% for 6 sec.


  • Cabin type changed from “medium” to “light”.
  • MP increased from 1500 to 1800.

In addition to the above changes, we also plan to add a new projectile damage mechanic to the game. You can find all the details in our announcement by following the link. The final version may have a number of changes relative to the test version.

That’s all for today. And in the following parts of the blog, we will continue to talk about new parts of the season (and not only the season). See you soon!


I’m surprised but pleased about the rare cabins getting buffed to special cabins.
I have a few of those cabs, but rarely use them because of how long low PS queue times are. As special cabins, I’ll be able to play them around 5-6kPS and actually get into games.
Track changes look good too.
New cabin is going to make Master look even worse in comparison. Maybe Master should become an epic? Or at least get buffed a lot.


I was hoping the new cabin would have a time-related ability to match its name, but I got objections on reddit

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Well, f*** the Master cabin then I guess

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Hoo boy, Master is already useless and after that it’ll either have a new dumpster mate or be forgotten forever.

That’s nice. How about also making them (and wheels) viable again? When I move uphill I feel I could move faster by simply walking uphill.

Basically filling the turquoise slot because they haven’t had anything to fill it before. By shifting blues out of the way. Mini-Torero, mini-Howl, mini-Echo.

That’s literally a nerf to it. Without any reason, since Torero is not an imbalanced cabin ATM.

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It’s ugly.
Small fast Master.
At least the node points don’t look as stupid & useless as they are on the Master.

Tank Tracks get a perk when you’re around enemies to make you faster? What… so you’ll not be around enemies quickly? LOL These devs and their Vodka. Must be delicious.

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It still obliges me to build things special way on the cab. Plates, bumpers, weapons, I dunno. Which are severely limited since it will be the lightest cabin in the game.

And the most important question: what do I get when there’s no dead enemies around? It could work partially well in raids, but light cabins in raids do not live long enough without bulky teammates or something to hide behind.

What do I get if I’m sitting near husks and there’s some bot/player with Incinerator or Mandrake? One launch from Heather and Kronos is destroyed.

Saying it like a player with about 40 cabins (epic and legendary counted), I won’t use Kronos. I don’t see the reason to. I have Master for repairs and it sucks.

This means it could help tank tracks to move faster than some melee… or maybe circle around faster, I dunno. It’s good for them to have an actual perk, though.

The title of this post confused me, I thought it was a crybaby post until I clicked on it as I was expecting the actual title


I like to see the reactions of people when they release these types of update posts

Now for the post itself…

I’m not a fan of them upping the rarities of Rare/blue parts as it just makes buying/crafting them more expensive and more complicated for FTP and new players to get to them
Especially if they’re not introducing rare/blue parts to replace those they arbitrarily upping these parts/cabins, not like you couldn’t give perks to blue/rare cabins, though I think blue/white parts/cabins should remain perkless as training cabins till one can upgrade to a teal part/cabin!

As for the new cabin, I like it but if you gonna make a cabin that relies on nodes than don’t make the nodes so scarce that the nodes are useless, I think you could double the number of nodes on this cabin and it wouldn’t be overkill!

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I just see what is going on here…

“Gonna nerf screen armor!!!”


  • “Add light-cabin with loaded perk for auto-repair and Fastest as posssible”
  • “Along to it add Engine that add ton of mass and power perk, so light builds can use this mass and perk mostly to be more tanky fast builds after screen-nerf”(for hvy 2k more mass is not much, for hover is, and perk for hvy give not much too)
  • “Along with it make light armor parts HP:Mass ratio even better for hovers get more hp from it too”
  • “Make frames more durable but less resistance, so less damage will pass them, hovers gonna be more happy”

Do only i see changes that nullify screen-armor nerf… since light builds will still be durable as hell. 80% of people in CW or late PS play hovers, ofc let this be like @82888150 said “like Star Trek on hovers”

Until 2 and 3 point i were still calm, but this Cabin will change everything and again make people buy battlepass again ofc… because of overpower cabin with probably loaded perk like weapon have, to repair without even single wreckage. Also this cabin motivate to use bumpers or big HP parts where screen armor nerf do not even affect it.


What is screen armor? :thinking:

Players using cash to buy car cabin price should not change

Don’t forget that:

  • Making medium and light cabs have their acceleration affected less by their mass
  • VII hovers getting 250kg more tonnage
  • They already gave them the spread/scatter mechanic changes
  • Light Lunatic armor having the highest firearm resistance

They can’t actually nerf hovers without giving them a big fat pacifier of buffs to suck on so that they don’t cry, they only pretend to balance hovers with a small change like 95kmh down to 90kmh like that’s going to make any difference when they get more acceleration … they were broken on release with 75kmh and I’m sure that can happen again so being 90kmh is still insane.


Please remain patient until we know exactly how the hover will turn out


We are tired of waiting, they increased hovers to 95kmh, auto-stabilizing aim-controlled movement and more than halved their PS without a single bit of notice.

But this projectile change which is meant to nerf hovers the most is currently in its forth stage of testing, it’s a real joke. They are scared to nerf their precious hover babies and it’s quite sad. Our game balance is held to ransom by some incel meta players. They only test things when it’s going to disturb the balance of precious hovers, they don’t care anymore and it shows.

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This warhead change proves their determination to change the hover, and as for them doing so, it may be that the hover was affected too much,If not, they don’t have to change the warhead

Why do you hate hovers so much? You always refer to them as they’re unbeatable, what kind of problems you have with hovers, can you enlighten me?
Btw hovers never had 75kmh on the release day!


Bro Im playing since week 1 of crossout release, started 3rd day if Im not mistaken.
There was no speedometer back then :slight_smile:

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On release, before version 0.8.55, they hadn’t had speed limit.


This Cabin screams Breaker/Jormungandr/Flash/Harvester and y’all are worried about it being a hover cabin? Imagine a Breaker build with the Breakers on the two top nodes and a Onamori in the back also connected to the breakers. Then give it a legendary engine and some Hermits and see it tear around the wasteland at 120kph with unkillable guns. Every time the Breaker kills someone, the guns heal up to full health.

In addition, it has two projecting front nodes that need a verticle Harvester for each one with a Flash on top. Those things will eat a hover, then heal the Flash and Harvesters on the corpse. Rinse and repeat.

A hover is a waste of a 106 kph vehicle and the perk probably isn’t that useful for a hover build.

When you repeatedly ask for a machine gun hover nerf, be careful what you wish for. The thing replacing them might be worse.


Really? How are they going to attack the enemy poking them from afar while hiding amongst the charred remains at the same time?