No more packs at discount for crosscrones?

hi,i know,spending money in games is a bad thing,but i did it again an again,and want to do it again,heres my question;
are there no more packs on discount for crosscrones?those deluxepacks?im waitin since days for arrive some of these,need coins…
so;will there be some packs on discount or have i wait until next pack sale?

are these for crosscrones?dude…

Shoving money into a dying game, good idea. :thinking: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

dude,its dead for you.i have fun,a lot.i got a VERY active clan and there are still more as enough players to find instand mataches.BUT PLEASE;THIS IS NOT THE TOPIC!!!
go make another thread about crossout dying,i dont care about that topic.i had a question and its on top of my thread,thx for goin back to topic;will there be packs for crosscrones??

They will definitely be, crossout like real money for ones and zeros. :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

pls stop trolling and was a simple question.

Well, unfortunately I’m a troll :smirk: :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

indeed,you are!

They pop up on sale randomly every now and the when they’re desperate for money, so all the time. Might take a while because new pass + scam-Excuse me I meant scam-oh sorry I meant mini pass, just came out so they’re first going to maximize profits from those for a few weeks or a month or even two, but at least by the halfway point to the heli pass they’ll start spamming pack offers once again because they are that desperate for our money while drying to milk this game as much as possible before it eventually dies

So just sit tight, offering deluxe passes and other passes at “sale” prices is their go-to money farming method in between the latest passes and events so they should pop up every now and then

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finaly,got my pack :slight_smile:
the game dies?i need just one minute to get in a match;most under one matter what,arround the clock.
im on pc.there are more than enough players…
i got a very active clan,takin every week…whats dyin here?
maybe on xbox or whatever,but im satisfied with the life within the game!!