No more strafing in test servers

They wanna remove strafing in this game and we have to RISE UP NOW AND PREFENT THEM FROM DESTROYING THE GAME WE LOVE, the game we put all our money in and the game that keeps on dissapointing us last remaining hover players. And now also spider players. I dont get why every nerf and buff has to be a wheel build advantage every single time. But its worse now even its not even a nerf its just blatantly destroying all current spider/hover builds. If you truelly love this game and dont want to completely demolish it and lose all form of actualy skill. Stop this insanity now with the movement changes!!.


if only there is an option to disable this "rotate with aim’ bullshit…

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This test server is clearly a “console version”, a complete different game.
if it hits live like this (assist aim, no side aim on hovers/legs, and other console stuff) it’s an instant uninstall for me.
(playing since 2017)


Check the key bindings. Turn and strafing have been swapped for some reason.

yes, but it’s not a problem
The problem is that your build will always face your aim

Except that doesn’t work in practice because aiming and direction/movement are still intertwined.

yes agree 100% if this goes through im uninstalling game and salvaging my account

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Losing a few hover boys is not going to ruin the game, it’s going to make it better.

So see yeah.

This is the worst…



“hover is op”

than gets melted by a guy pressing w with 5 fps in 1 second


Except that destroy not only hovers but ALL strafing movements.
And even, straight hovers could be fine with that aim/turn.

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same, i just didnt join sooner bc beta was full
i used to hate hovers when they came out (i think it was bc of seal clubbing and i was still a noob), but they take skill to use and are not that hard to counter and rn like… there is much worse, fire dogs, lance + spark + melee dogs, DOGS dogs dogs. Sideways hovers take skill to drive + shoot, dogs don’t.
cw is trashed by “counter almost everything dogs with minimal effort” and if it is cw it is the rest of pvp

Maybe they do this strafe changes for a future crossplay, but this doesn’t look like the same game. We want freedom to build and drive


Let us exchange our strafing movement parts for wheels and tracks