No uranium for clan battles

Recently I was on the diskord of a friend, from the former clan and a lot of people from 2 clans complained how they tried to get the top 60 and none of them received a reward for positions. Clan Names: KOX and NUBA

and my question, why did they not receive the awards? even if you can kill that prezz servers, not everyone was playing, so it was easier, they still played and wasted a lot of time on it and they got nothing


NUBA was top 17 last week (PC) , everyone from the Clan should get 20 uranium reward but none of Us got it. ; |

yes ,and arent any info about , non reward " then they must give it for all from top 60 .

a scam to all of us who spend time to be among the top positions

You have to play 10 Clan battles to get the uranium