No warning when loading new cars

Why was the warning removed when loading a new car? The one that let you know you where about to delete a build?

It don’t really mater, but seems like an odd change.

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Not sure but I know undo will reload the last build if you accidently do that and ketch it fast enough.

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Yeah I get that. Just seems odd they would remove the safe guard is all.

It does not effect me one way or the other :slight_smile:

Who knows with them. lol

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runs around screaming

To be fair it’s a bit annoying, you can just press undo, small changes like this are kinda nice…

Remember they changed a lot of ‘press’ buttons to ‘hold’ buttons and it’s quite annoying, things like this make it less annoying and time consuming, it seems small but it’s nice

It was too OP and had to be nerfed. We can buy the warning in a new pack.

This sums up many decisions they had made over the years.

you can also in garage press a and d to cycle through the memory of builds