No way to rebind selfdestruct when using controller

This has irritated me ever since I began playing crossout. It is not as much of an issue when using l3+r3 for strafing because it requires much more pressure to push down on L3/R3 so it is harder to frig up but when using back buttons or back paddles with the back buttons binned to L3/R3 it is so easy to kill your self because the buttons require much less force to push and mistakes come easier as a result.

I has either my pinky or ring finger on the back buttons depending on if I’m using the claw format and it is so easy to accidentally self destruct all because the devs do not allow for self destruct rebinding for controllers. I wish they could just let you map out self destruct or any button for that matter just like in the same way you can rebind any function with the keyboard/mouse and that would be one of the biggest quality of life changes that would be very easy to implement.

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nope just like games where u cant re key the run button so u get stick drift as what ive noticed

Yea i swore off L3 R3, not only does it give you horrible stick drift but it also gives you hand cramps. I had a perfect working non drifting ps5 controller but when i came back to crossout I had drift within a month. Now I only use controllers with back buttons and hall effect joysticks.

Imagine playing for 8 years with 1 finger on the chat button you cant rebind.
numpad enter, go lefties :joy:

They sell foot peddles that you’re able to map to trigger the existing keys outside of the game:

So you’d just map one of the switches to backspace.

Your not getting what I’m say. When your using controller it is a total different scheme, the game only gives you 4 presets to choose from when using controller on pc with no way of mapping strafing or self destruct. Now yes you can use outside software to remap buttons but the problem is that self destruct is always binned to L3/R3 which is what is used for strafing regardless the preset so even if you maps L3/R3 to what ever you wanna map it too self destruct is gonna get mapped with it. So if you mapped it to that foot pedal you were talking about then self destruct is gonna get mapped with that foot pedal as well so there is no way around it.

You can even see in the photo there is no way of rebinding self destruct or strafe

No I get it but still read it a bit off. I was looking at giving you a way to add extra buttons as a work around rather then removing a troublesome binding. The petal wouldn’t pick up the controllers bindings though as they are bound as keyboard keys in the OS rather then the game so it’s like having a second set of q and e key on the floor depending on settings. The equivalent of hitting the regular keyboard key with a pinkie knuckle while using the controller.

oh my god this. when i was in clan wars in the heat of battle id f-ing self destruct by complete accident and cost us the match all because of that f-ing binding to l3 and r3 screwing me over! this NEEDS to be fixed or allow us to rebind it to another combo of buttons. this ESPECIALLY happens on both legs and hovers. this NEEDS to be fixed! you have no idea how pissed off i was at this whenever it happened.

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Yep the unbindable self destruct is the sole reason why I’m still using camera steering. It gets even worst with back buttons because you can’t even keep both buttons down at the same time even for a second without self destructing, it soo annoying. I got very nimble fingers too, I’m a guitar player and If I can’t do it I doubt others can either. It is definitely something that needs fixing and I’m surprised console players ain’t kicked up much of a stink over it.

[When you plug in a controller it automatically switches to controller mode so it bypasses the keyboard. Even if I could simulate a keyboard with the controller you are still missing out on some of the perks that come with using a controller such as joystick movement which is more accurate then keyboard, you also be locked out of aim assist.

the foot peddles ummmm ya i lay on my couch when i game, pc players make me laugh, luxury of console gaming something they know nothing of :joy: :joy:

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Controller is much more laid back, I don’t want to be sat at a desk hunched over for gaming.

I have 2 coffee tables 1 for my mouse nd keyboard thats hooked into my xbox which is hooked in to a 75 inch tv nd best of all the subwoofers nd my other coffee table has my laptop which is hooked to a 50 inch tv nd has external mouse nd keyboard

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That’s a nice set up, I use to game on a 55 inch oled but had to sell it due to financial issues. Right now i just use a 165 hz 1080p acer monitor hooked up to my pc, not the greatest thing but it gets the job done.

true if it works it works but back then buying 3 75 inch tvs was not a great investment $15.000 per tv compared to now days jeezzz now ppl can get a 75 inch for like $1.200