No weekly challenges

hello , does anyone else have the same issue? no weekly challenges available.


I did.
That’s when I uninstalled the game. :rofl:
I understand this part of the update is actually a glitch.

Granted, the whole thing looks like a glitch, but this part apparently actually was.

i have the same problem no weakly challeng (8 pvp for scrap, x number of raid, 20 side mission etc)

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Supposedly, it’s a glitch they patched.
I dunno.

I’ll probably reattempt in a couple of weeks… I rarely get to play during the week, anyhow.

Nah, they fixed it. But if you’re not in a clan or a band, it’s the same for you.

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Yeah I play for the weekly’s too, just enough to blow steam off and log off so does others do the same

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