Noblers Boot Camp aka FreeToJoin- Clan recruitment

Changes Coming into effect this season coming

  1. Clan name: FreeToJoin [FTJ]

  2. Description: This is an open source clan. First come first serve, come and go as you please, no questions asked!!!

3.Requirements: Members are required to attain a minimum of both 3800 confrontation, 250 activity points and 5 clan confrontation battles within 24 hours of joining the clan. Consider this a very short probationary period and if achieved you will automatically be granted veteran/regular status with in the clan where you will be granted a full 5 days after the start of each confrontation season from here on out to achieve the same results. If members fail to meet this threshold they will be kicked but are still welcome to rejoin as long as they intend to meet the weekly threshold amount and they will have to go thru the same 24 hour probationary period again. If the clan is full than leave an application and I will accept as soon as there is an opening but please be aware that the 24 hour probationary period still applies until complete again.

Any clan members reading this who is not a regular.veteran i will grant 2 days starting into this season coming to attain these new requirements. Players who are already a regular(those with veteran status) will still get the 5 days to meet these new requirements. After this the new rules will become 100% enforced.

don’t do Open…
you’ll get bots that just farm activity points and they don’t reply to you when you talk to them…
i just experimented with that.
now it;s just Upon Application…just a heads up…

What’s there bots in the game? i know there is still a couple of bots on the market still with 3000 epic patches but in game i don’t think so.

historically there definitely have been players trying to have a script play matches for them. why not combine that with some script for joining clans. i dunno, but id reckon it can be done.

There is 2 bots on the market both in the same clan which i got sick and tired of trying to take down. It makes no sense for people to run scripts just to earn a few measly worthless badges when they could use the same script to game the market. This is this bots stats that was earned over a period of 7 to 8 months.

These are in fact real players using software. They even admitted on there clan discord page that they are only available on saturdays/sundays because they work all week most likely with full time jobs but still logged in 24 hours a day flipping and yet the devs are more than happy to keep them around despite irrefutable proof that i did 6 videos on that they are running script 24 hours a day to game the market.