Noblers hermit clan accepting recruits

Finally opening up my clan after more than a year since I made it. First come first serve.
Edit: clan name is now called FreeToJoin (FTJ)

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What platform?
Maybe we need a sticky thread for open clans and people searching for clans?

It is on pc and the status is open so anyone can join. I spent the day advertising in each match and no one joined yet so I just might join someone else’s clan yet to save myself the headache.

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I changed the clan name to “FreeToJoin” tag FTJ. Only managed to get 1 player who didn’t quit within a day and he ain’t been online in a week, need people.

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Put this thread back in the spotlight again.


How many guys you got so far?

I got 1 other player, not good.

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I am gonna post an ad on discord to see if anyone will join. I can’t talk on voip because I am a 30 year old who sadly still lives in his moms basement and I don’t want to disturb her or the dogs.

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I’ve been inviting randoms to my little clan whenever I see someone who isn’t in a clan.
I don’t care who they are, as long as they are currently playing the game.

So far it’s just three people in mine though, unless someone accepted an invite last night.

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Discord is confusing as hell, I feels dyslexic trying to navigate through it. I tried posting my ad there earlier but there is a 6 hour time limit per message on the clan recruitment page, I got about another hour before I can post on discord again.

Did you try in game chat?
Also, if you don’t care who you get then toss some random guys invites - some might stay and turn out good - kick the ones that don’t.

No I am not spamming the chat every game sending out random clan invites looking for people to join. I Just like to post one ad up and be done with it. I seen the clan recruitment page on discord so I hope it works but if that fails I might try sending out random clan invites.

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I can probably join you if you really need people. Though I’m kind of curious how many pc users clans we have open among the forum users it might just be better if we consolidate. @82888150 @103339824 You both have ones open too right? How many slots are available still?

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The clan is is basically empty, just join if your not in a clan I am about to give discord another try now that the 6 hour limit as passed. If I can get my confrontation rating up as well I might be able to push my clan higher up on the leaderboards so it be more searchable.

My ad got automatically deleted again on discord like wtf?

I don’t pvp that much atm I might do like 5 matches a week, it would still net some points though. I was asking the others though if they have lots of open spots. As it might be better for all of us if that’s the case to be all in one group.

As I’ve said before I haven’t gotten into confrontation much still working on builds for it.

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The clan is totally empty, there is more than enough slots for all your friends so if you and them wants wants to join than it is easy. It is like a open source clan which is why I renamed it freetojoin. I won’t start kicking truly inactive players unless the clan is over 2 thirds full.

Both roopull obsidianfang I think have clans open too, So I just want to check to see if we could potentially merge and fill if they are ok with it. Do you know what I mean? It will take a few days if any of leave to join another anyway. So we might as well just talk it out first.

It is first come first serve but I guess ill keep a few slots on reserve say probably like 25% for vips like you, roopul or obsidian. Feel free to join .

I want to see how many people they are carrying in theirs, hopefully they are all under slotted and we can maybe just do one for all of us. I’ll feel a little bad giving up my band name: “The Filthy Hand” as I found it humorous but sometimes sacrifices must be made.