Nobody likes me anymore

…my garage visitors, that is.

I noticed that visitors to my garage no longer respond to my honking and ignore me…giving me none of the tribute I am accustomed to receiving, and rightfully deserve. Didn’t matter how long I chased and honked at them. Figured it was a glitch due to the new pass. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Well, ok.

Then I started realizing that the visitor cars starting looking alike, and assumed that people were buying ravager parts already. :thinking: Ok, nothing strange there.

Then I realized how slow I am…apparently all visitors have been ravaged. :grimacing: Ah ha!

So now, all visitors get vaporized. :expressionless:


you actually have to put your aiming reticle on them and they will honk at you. if you dont it doesnt matter how close you are theyll just ignore you. get within distance and put your aiming reticle on them and theyll notice you.

Nope, tried that, but they’re still not noticing me for some reason. It’s gotta be intentional, to celebrate the ravager season. It’s sad to have to kill my friends for a spool of wires, but I’ll get over it. :grin:


They actually don’t respond when you kill them. Before they used to say things like “Oh, and I just finished rebuilding the car. How much is it going to cost me this time?” or “Every time I think I know all your tricks, you do something new!”

But now they don’t. They’re just silent. And a number of them have an argus.

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yes they all are red glowing…

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I noticed that too… I guess i’ll just blow up everyone for stuff now. :smiling_imp:


I guess this is a temporary thing for the ravagers season? Like they are all “infected”?

Or is it a bug?

Looks like another edition of “feature or bug” for Crossout.

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its temp…they r easy to kill…

It’s a feature for the new season.

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Honked at them with no response, So I vaporized the unsocial bloody gits.
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