Nonsensical Announcement

Last chance to purchase the “Iron shield” pack on Xbox!

Hello, survivors from Xbox!

As many of you may have noticed, the “Iron shield” pack will soon become unavailable on all platforms. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to launch a special sale event in the Microsoft store, but you won’t be left without this special!

You may get your own “Iron shield” pack with a 60% discount in our in-game store. Please, note that the pack is available only for crosscrowns and only until October 6, 23:59 GMT!

And yet…
Am I missing something?

Hello :slight_smile:
Are you on XBOX ?
If yes, I’ll forward the information to the relevant team

No…and, I went back and read through the other announcement for this pack sale that the discounted offer for cash is only for PC. So, ya my mistake. Sorry. Not sure what happened to my reading skills.
That sucks for XBox users, though. Crosscrowns are a scam…at this point the US dollar is kind of a scam too, I suppose.

Is there a reason XBox users can’t just buy this pack for cash? I wonder what Steam is selling it for (brb)…they have it listed for $23.99. Can XBox Players buy it there, instead of using ridiculous Crosscrowns?

Pretty sure it’s a legal thing. Updates were taking ages to be approved on PlayStation and Xbox, and I believe it was because new purchases had to go through administrative hoops before being added to the game. Now that they have a real money>monkey money purchase available, they can update the game how they want without needing to wait for Sony and Microsoft’s approvals.

Hearsay and personal speculations, so take it with a grain of salt.


I guess that makes sense, especially regarding the often rotating decor items that are only payable with Crosscrowns. They should rinse the con-job out of them a little, though. If they had been able to make an honest deal with them, I’d have bought some a long time ago, because I like decor. I just don’t like the con.

Actually the ads says that it’s impossible to launch a special sale event in the Microsoft store on XBOX.

So that’s why it’s in crosscrowns instead.
Everything was explained in the sales announcement :relaxed:
Clebarman should be right, probably a technical or approval delay problem

Thanks, but I moved on a couple days ago.