Noob vs Pro

When you use the most user friendly weapons to kill your opponents then what are you?
When you play with the hardest to use weapons to kill your opponents then what are you?

Someone who tries things, for new experiences or research, or just really love a certain weapon, or just dumb.

You don’t go fighting criminals in the dark neighborhood with teabag just for the challenge, do you?

You can play both type weapons as noob or pro, next

Indeed, but how is it going to affect your demeanor?

Personally, I find it completely unimportant what impression it makes on other players what kind of weapon I use. On the other hand, I don’t have much respect for players who judge other players based on the weapons they use.

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Apathy and animosity, thanks for your awnser.

It’s not the weapon that’s judged, more so the build + weapon + PS.

But I do judge Porc, Melee, Laser Drill and Parser builds based on their PS a lot

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Thanks for this diagnosis, a bit offtopic and unnecessary, but if you think it’s necessary then keep it up.

I guess your fishing went well with that one, catching someone on admitting thing like that.
But for real. What are you REALLY trying to get at with this topic? To justify your poor performance by “using harder weapons”? That only work for guys that are so good that winning got easy and boring that they want some handicap. With your stat, you look like you need some reversed handicap, you can’t even use “user friendly” weapon for average result.
(Sorry just can’t let this weird arrogant fishing topic go unchallenged)
But actually an interesting point been made in the thread.

I really to believe different types of weapons and builds do say quite a lot about one using them.
I’ll make a separate topic about it with rating idea and descriptions))


I got a sweet little dual parser build at 5499. Am I a scumbag? Don’t care either way. I used MGs since day 1, 4 years ago. I’ve suffered through sparkhavester at its strongest at 6k. I’ve dealt with almost 2 years of typhoon stun lock. If I want to use anything at this point, I did my time. And if it isn’t on the up and up, I say balance it. I just play the game.

Yes lol

With the amount of dick-waving going on these days here, I’m starting to think Locust is a console gamer too.

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aw don’t do me like that bruh

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Hahaha sorry I’m just really happy to see Dhawk finally found someone to interact with here lol


It’s all good, I’ve not seen an ounce of gameplay from Locust, not that I will now he’s ignored but still, I feel like he thinks he’s high IQ etc or good but I don’t feel like his build will do anything really, the low armour/speed way of life does good due to long range and defensive modules, not 4 piercers and 2 boosters kekw

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I used to care about you too, babycakes.

Until I realized you drive a triple Whirl wheel build in CW.

Listen, we don’t all have to be competitive. You’re the proof.

Shall you wave your dick, I mean m&k leetness, around now? I’d settle for some glorious clips. Speaking of clips, you’re gonna shit a brick when I show you how I do combat backflips and barrel rolls.

This alone says you still do, lets be real

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Wish I could get good teammates, I get so tired of carrying, can barely even use a different build to have fun in this game, try to play 7k with 4 boosters for fun, just 2 4 stacks tryharding at midnight like no-lives, never on my team though… then i play 10k and i get this and they’re just all garbage it’s so dumb

I do wonder how some people don’t just uninstall, they must lose 90% of games

It’s not some 3060ti just yet but it’ll do

One that has both but uses their PC for real PC games like OW, R6 etc not some f2p indie p2w kekw