Not able to download the game, please help!

I am not able to play or download any content neither from the launcher nor from the torrent. Please help me.

Did you allow it through your security?

Check you have enough empty disc space I think you need about 12GB free space

Brother please elaborate…

i have 177gb free :frowning:

  1. Check if you PC has antivirus software running. It can stop the downloading of the game.

  2. Check which drive you have try to download the game to.

from the screenshot… looks to me it is NOT downloading, so most likely it is the antivirus. This could also be the Windows blocking the download. That you have to check the win settings. Goodluck!!

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I had problems with the game and found I had only 812mb of disc space left. Cleaned the temp files but the disc kept filling up. Finally had to uninstall the game but could not download it as didn’t have enough disc space kept saying I needed 12.1 GB free space. Finally had to reset my PC to factory settings and I was able to reinstall and play the game. It seems you have more than enough free space so if it’s not as others are posting your antivirus it may be worth cleaning out the cache and temp files. I use CCleaner.

Try the Repair button on the launcher also.

Man’s computer trying to do him a favor