Not being able to fire at facehug distance

There is no real reason why some guns can not fire when there is an enemy pressed right against them, even if it would damage my own build I should realistically be able to fire my guns even if the barrels are right against another build, and if the problem is the guns going inside the enemy build somehow, they should not do that and clip into an enemy build to the point of being unable to fire. Someone driving right up against your builds face should not prevent you from firing your guns against their build even if the guns are pressed right against the enemy

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It probably has to with the same mechanic that keeps your own guns from firing when your own structure gets in the way. IMO guns shouldn’t “black out”, they should just fire at their max limit, not go past and go black. This causes issues with wasting ammo or only firing 1 shot of a certain burst which can be pretty debilitating. I understand it would probably be difficult to fix though.


I feel like facehugging should be discouraged somewhat, so I’m ok with blocked barrels not shooting. Besides, there are other good reasons to not have the barrels of your guns extending beyond the edges of your build.
Having said that, I’ve been getting annoyed that flamethrowers can be blocked, as they’re meant to be used at very close range.

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what? :crazy_face:
it’s the same idea you said…if your too close you cant shoot… am i missing something you said? :thinking:

I’m not sure what you are saying either (assuming you are replying to me).

What I meant is that there are good reasons to discourage facehugging, so I accept that gun blocking prevents shooting. But even though I accept it, there are cases where it annoys me (ie. close range weapons).
Does that make more sense?

Too bad that it promotes facehugging instead, wanna block an enemy build from firing completely? Just drive against his guns

I’ve never ran into this problem with close range weapons, only with things like cannons, medians, kaiju, thyrsus etc long range single shot rather than dps-style weapons. Sometimes people don’t even need to shoot off your guns, just drive against you in a way that your guns are blocked

When you’re such a bad shot, you can’t even hit something right next to you…

This works both ways tho. I will intentonally facehug people when I can easily obstruct their barrels…

Yeah, that’s why I don’t see it as a big deal.
If blocking your guns is a problem, build differently.

And then crossout physics happen and your guns get blocked either way no matter where or how far back they are located, because a build or a wreck ended up slightly on top of you or something similar

What happening is your camera is angled from the top down, so at close range, youre telling your guns to aim up at the highest parts of the enemy build(dog roofs, high sitting spidsrs/hovers, etc). Youre barrels arent blocked in this case, its akin to you looking straight up in the sky. Do your guns fire then? If not, you need to lock your weapons so they cannot black out whatsoever. For example, if youre using a Reaper spider and you can black out your guns at all, it’s a garbage build, lock the guns so that when a dog gets right up on you, you guarantee the lead keeps coming out. Same principle for flamethrowers.

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Or, they could fix their stuff so players won’t have to jump through hoops

There is nothing to fix.
It is a feature, not a bug.
Not a bug!

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Many players use build parts to protect parts of their weapons. This can cause restriction on weapons firing angles. Especially there are parts mounted at the base of weapons. Closer your target get, less lightly you can shoot the lower part of their build. The same can be said with ground drones as they are smaller.