Not Crossout Related, But BIG News!

Largest piece of Space Shuttle Challenger just discovered.

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not too soon, just…I watched all those people die…so…yeah…

i watched it live too.they have memorial in nh for her.

I get nightmares about it. I was also at an airshow where I saw a jet hit the tarmac, big ball flame, like napalm. I get this nightmare of the two mixed together where I’m watching the Challenger launch and it explodes, then, it falls right at me. the nose cone tumbling by my house in flames. I remember the screams of the crowd at the airshow, and all that mixes in with everything. The wreck, the fire, the screams. Yeah. I get that nightmare sometimes. Maybe this discovery will put it to rest…hopefully.

Amazing stuff bro!.

Did they find the bones of all the twin brothers and sisters of the crew that died that day too?

because most of the crew is still alive today.