Nuclear Weapons Faction

i think it would be cool to have it. it could be a rival / ally of the steppenwolfs, always competing with eachother to make better weapons and technology. the weaponry would consist of weapons that use nuclear technology to enhance damage output and make large explosions. i imagine them having a few mini nuclear grenade launchers, nuclear missiles, powerful long distance mortars, small caliber and large caliber cannons that use small amounts of nuclear energy in the explosions on hit to deal extra damage, small nuclear based fuze drones that make little mushroom clouds on detonating, etc.

i mean wutcha all think?

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We already have the Russian army, we don’t need the Americans too. THE WORLD DOESN"T NEED ANOTHER SOVIET VS. AMERICAN ARMS RACE, THE FIRST ONE WAS BAD ENOUGH.

(It’s a joke)

But nuclear weapons would be cool, and we do need new factions.

Radiation based explosions, new damage type… perhaps some damage over time mechanics etc.

I could see some radiation motors, missiles, mines and even melee perhaps… relic melee in the form of an unshielded nuclear reactor core with damage cone?

perhaps a faction based around the China/NK side of nuclear capabilities, have Steppenwolf be the Soviet/US “sophisticated” military for example.

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They already have a nuclear weapons faction. Its called the Engineers. You bring them a resource called uranium, and the Engineers craft nuclear weapons with it. I hear there is a special ongoing brawl to get uranium and it doesn’t even require a subscription or a batltepass.


Get that pitchblende!!

Like this? I like to call these H-Bombs.

weapons, weapons, weapons.
What about armour?

instead of mushroom clouds, what about uranium enriched shells /bullets?

Reading OPs post, it literally sounds like, “Can we have OP powercreep as a faction? Im talking bigger explosions for everything. Outclass it all.”


not necessarily. in twisted metal 4 calypso has a truck with a nuclear missile on it as its special. if you hit someone dead on with it then it can drain up to 80% of their health in one shot. however it HAD to be a direct hit into the beam of the explosion (look it up if you want to know how his weapon works) but if you hit nearby someone itll only do a fraction of the damage and set them on fire for a short time.
the thing is we have alot of weapon varieties in the game but why not nuclear weapons to? the explosion radius doesnt have to be the size of a city, it doesnt need to be broken or overpowered. id just like it because its a interesting concept and nuclear weapons would be fun to use. especially if they develop the ravagers more. blowing them up with nukes would be fun :crazy_face: