Number 2 lame for it....👇

yup,what’s your thoughts on this map?
mine are /map to small/spawn points need to be across from eachother not to your left or right/kill pits u can fall in…just better for a brawl map than pvp…only second time i see this map since its been introduced…it’s very lame.
and yes we won,but who cares…it’s very boring…but i like the snow…
what’s the the number 1 lame map you ask?,Quarry of course…

I agree with the map being too small, don’t mind the layout of the spawn points but if they’re gonna do that make sure the map is at least wide enough that you can’t shoot them from the spawn points

I actually don’t mind that map, to me the most clustered fudge map available is the sector X map, too small, force-choked point and you can shoot across the map at your spawn points

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I’ve only played it a couple of times… Kinda’ funny watching the bots drive off into the abyss.

it needs lava geysers to make it 100% tits.

You guys gotta stop dissing Sector X and Quarry. This game has so many shit maps with no defining features whatsoever and dreadful gameplay (hello Crater, the powerplant copycat, Fortress, Nameless Tower). You want more boring ass open fields with no cover, no paths, no verticality, no nothing?

Quarry is hilarious. Most ways into the pit are one-way tickets for victory or death, and the spawn is super poorly thought-out for CW lmao. I instapick Heathers every CW round, it’s 4k free dmg before the game starts xD.
Def a much better version of Crater, minus the spawn thingie.

The new map sucks.

It is visually awesome, but that is about it.

I hate that map. Will literally just leave sometimes if I get it. I hate it.

Sort of, yes.

I like to run fast cars, and there is a trade off there that can’t be utilized in close spaces like Sector Ex, so I don’t care for all the cover that those kinds of maps provide for slow rigs that easily navigate all the obstacles. I just end up constantly looking for reverse, struggling with the garbage acceleration wheels have these days, slamming into walls for lag, etc. I hate that map.

Basically, I like bigger maps that give me enough room to accelerate and utilize some passive melee, do a little hit and run, before having to slam on the brakes again, or back out of some pile of rubble.

Probably, I should learn to amuse myself with heavy slow cabs more, but I can’t. It’s what the developers are pushing though.

However, what I’m doing presently clearly isn’t working anymore, since the speed and agility I used to rely on to improve my armor-class is gone and over. Speed has been crushed and wheels are made even more miserable by the handbrake update, and probably their new center of gravity modification. Now I’m forced to live with their ridiculously bad acceleration in the face of new and improved Hovers, to which I never really had enough speed, acceleration, or now fire-power to deal with in the first place.

I need to learn how to camp and put around with aim-free weapons, I’m sure that would allow me to enjoy those tiny little claustrophobic maps they keep producing more.

I’ve only gotten the new map once…and I just drove straight off a cliff and died when I did, so I can’t say I really experienced much of it.