Oculus is still VERY good

made one for the BP event and was using it.

New players, these are very good. (not the best, but very good).

I might upgrade one.


Oh man, I remember when decloaking was in the META. Nowadays the only decloak you need is spray n pray

I never really used oculus much, but I crafted a verifier a little while ago to replace the one I stupidly scrapped from the first BP, and I’m surprised at how much it’s helping me. Getting a heads-up about an approaching cloaked enemy saves me quite often.
I still like Doppler a bit better, but I’m starting to prefer verifier for my long range builds, to help me avoid scope tunnel vision.

I like how it points. Don’t have to bother looking at mini map to know where they are, you can see it right on your vehicle.

Also, its more within reach of new players than a BP item (they may not have the option to craft).

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