Oh look the leaked pack has made an appearance

Yup, the whales will love it, as it’s overpriced and underwhelming. nothing new except the eagle heads, and cosmetic parts all for the not-so-low price of 60$ USD or 85$ CAD or 61 EUR

Story text
Life in the Wasteland has taken its toll on Mitchell. Dozens of years had passed since he replaced his father at the controls of his trusty tank. All this time he has remained faithful to his principle — never to attack first —despite the fact that it’s dangerous to follow it in the Wasteland. Old Mitch was on the brink of life and death more than once, and his tank was repaired so often that it no longer looked like its old self neither inside nor outside. One thing remained unchanged — the steel will of the defender of the innocents, returning to action after every wound and always ready to lead as many people away from danger as possible.

Love how the promotional video makes it look like this is a good build for the PS its in :rofl:

I like the King of Birds structure part (passive melee 209D,288M,90% contact res, full damage counter) but it’s really poorly placed for use on the pack.

Don’t worry, in a few weeks/month the Devs will say they perform to well and nerf those king of birds parts after getting $$$$$ out of the people who’s gonna buy it now


Makes me wonder if they are going to do something art-deco ish…

NYC Chrysler building's eagles


I see both of you in game off and on so you two should check your blacklists out lol…


Don’t recall running into that person but I do recall running into another friction-causing player well ex-player now won’t mention a name though lol …

$60, I’d expect a relic or two… as in weapons, cabs or modules. These packs are trash. I bought several early on in playing, but that’s the only time I think they’re useful. This one is laughable. Weren’t the eagles already in game?

The eagle we are talking about is an early release structure part. Yes there are other eagles in the game but they are on stickers and or, are decor.

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Oh, that’s funny. I looked at the rig and didn’t even notice those giant eagles on the front. What a stupid place for melee! I did notice the decor eagles on the side & thought they looked familiar.

I’ll just wait for the new parts to become available for engineer badges and save the $60! LOL

Didn’t help it any when I was blowing it up as a guest either… I really didn’t notice them the first time either don’t feel bad. lol

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Yeah, lets just resell the goliaths and a cosmetic with a 270 coin underpowered epic weapon!

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Perhaps epics will be the next trend in free packs :smiley: lol ooo hush!

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I am severely disappoint in lack of new cannons.

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I was kind of happy they did the avalanche but I don’t really see it as a cannon. Sector EX is really entertain to play with it from the second floor. I think I get 4 shots a match with it with a reloader lol…

Its a pirate cannon.

I was thinking more of a mortar from the US Civil War or WWI.

This is what it was modeled after as far as I know: https://www.warhistoryonline.com/military-vehicle-news/sturmtiger-facts-pictures.html The big difference though is the RL one didn’t have a ridiculously crippled firing range.