OH, look what I found (Russian only) livestream about next update

Is anyone up for clowning around!?

Russian is all they care about.

Yeah, I only found this by YT randomly suggesting it to me, no clue this was supposed to happen let alone today around 2 hours ago. I would figure they at least say something about it in the news section, but yeah it’s clown theme xD
Wonder if Mr. Twister is a reference to the Twisted Metal clown!?

On one hand everyone is going to get a bunch of that decor in the event which is good.

On the other hand, all of that stuff will now be worthless because everyone has one.

That’s how it goes on here ain’t it!?

Yeah :slight_smile: oh well.

I’m glad everyone gets a chance to get all that stuff again.

I wonder why they went with a clown theme after all it’s November now and not Halloween anymore

Devs removed the video :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

They sure did, just glad I saw it when I did :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Why though? It was fun :clown_face: around

That’s weird that they removed it.

I’m also glad I saw it. I have some expensive decor I’m selling before the event :slight_smile:

It will not be as expensive soon.

I doubt my posting it on the forum was the reason, but hey if I see something like that I will post it here as it should be posted here.

Yeah, no reason not to make the big $$$

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Someone should tell Russia russian isn’t the main language outside of Russia, be it in the US, UK, Ukraine or whatever (^%

“waaah this is russophobic” bitch please I type english better than your average native speaker, how the fuck do you have a whole video game studio and publisher without a single english-speaking employee to handle your comm in 2022? Are you hiring? Because I can sit in front of a computer talking about XO in english 24/7 lol, just send me a script and some money.


They added the video back

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So, this is a mini pass like Soccer where you pay $10, you get the ambulance, and you get access to a crafting table. I imagine you collect lighters through play of the brawl.

My question is what do you have to pay, besides 480 lighters to get the legendary fusion? Do you need two of them?

The fusions are as follows:

Beholder -Mass +Power

Destructor +durability, -reload + range

Stillwind + durability, + overheat - spread

This Stillwind fusion is better than the battlepass Stillwind fusion that had - turning speed instead of -spread.

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just 2 days ago, NeonSky and I were in the Gen chat talking about Ecto 1 needing to be the next car pack…and now…this!


Convo on 11-20-2022

00:37:34.613| [ObsidianFang #9980600] NOw that we got the Christine rig in the game, what movie rig do you guys think would be a nother good addition to Crossout?
00:38:08.100| [ObsidianFang #9980600] Maximum Overdrive might be a good one
00:38:36.800| [ObsidianFang #9980600] but with an actual Green Goblin face plate for decor
00:39:22.863| [OfficialNeonSky #3719731] i think another good movie cab to have would be Max Rockantansky’s V8 Interceptor Ford Falcon cab
00:39:47.010| [OfficialNeonSky #3719731] and that could be great for speed builds
00:39:49.962| [ObsidianFang #9980600] mmmmmm, yeeesss
00:40:03.291| [ObsidianFang #9980600] it even already has boosters too
00:40:41.186| [OfficialNeonSky #3719731] ye built in boosters
00:41:11.139| [OfficialNeonSky #3719731] maybe the exhausts on it are its boosters when you hit it lol
00:41:24.184| [ObsidianFang #9980600] xD
00:41:37.770| [ObsidianFang #9980600] Ecto 1 cabin?
00:41:54.237| [OfficialNeonSky #3719731] hell yea a apocalyptic lookin ecto-1
00:42:11.809| [ObsidianFang #9980600] a hurse basically
00:42:22.221| [OfficialNeonSky #3719731] with faded paint and a crossout version of ghost busters
00:42:30.053| [ObsidianFang #9980600] yyeeeaaahhh
00:42:46.369| [OfficialNeonSky #3719731] like Ravager Busters or something haha
00:43:25.588| [ObsidianFang #9980600] What if it was a Ravager Rig, and it’s sticker was Ivy XO’s ghost behind the crossout symbol
00:43:37.228| [OfficialNeonSky #3719731] YES
00:44:05.458| [ObsidianFang #9980600] Dev’s you listening?

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