Ok so questions

Classic one:
Why change the old forum?

Is all the old content from the forum lost (talking about guides, talks, debates those are the best)?

Did we lose the badges next to our names (the comment based badges)?

About this new forum, I see you have a limiter next to the topics that shows 2/week? is this 1989 and we don`t have enough space to post a picture? (this is more of a formality if I’m wrong, I’ll try adding a few more to test it myself)

And the main one: When will we start the topic full of political promises of you adding all that content back, both created by us and all the features created by u?

P.S. why the brown-ish color, don`t get me wrong I’ll like the dark mode, but why does this look like my grandpas old gazette. anyhow I’ll wait for your response :slight_smile:

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Because its made of :ok_hand:t6::poop: :brown_heart:

“War… war never changes…”

Aside from being :muscle:t6: :poop:, this new forum also runs on potato vodka, just like our dear devs, that’s why.

Just put a prefix “old” before “crossout” on the browser’s tab and you will get the archived version, where you can see it all on its glory but never again post anything there.

Later! :wave:t6: :poop:

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