Old crossout videos

Let’s share some old crossout videos, minimum requirement is pre-supercharged update
I’m starting up with a classic


That time a Gasgen saved my life! How? I know the vids a bit blurry to see but, by the end, I had the exact amount of HP found on a Gasgen and it was the last module left on my rig that wasn’t on fire while everything else was in flames. Who knew it could be worn as a life-preserver?? LMAO

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It’s a real pain to get videos on here that aren’t from youtube… which sucks because I have a lot of old stuff. I’ll put something together on youtube sometime

Show me more!!!

But do you remember what was the resource needed to craft relics?
I can’t remember what was that

You mean the 50 fragments as well as the uranium?

Yeah, back days when something was replaced by uranium.

Pretty sure it was always uranium, but it was near worthless due to the need for 50 fragments

Some other older videos that aren’t Gromek, but still fit the same meme style
I miss these kind of crossout meme videos and moments, feels like the game really does not offer too much of it anymore, these feel way more fun to watch than any current day videos in general


I think that one of the reasons we aren’t seeing this kind of content anymore is that, well, this is not strictly content. This stuff is straight up production. Content creating being the 1st step on the ladder to being a producer. Anyone can create content just by hitting record and talking about what they are seeing. Not everyone can make a production. I don’t know Gromek or the others, but I do know they most likely are working for a tv studio or other outlet that has them contractually bound not to make productions for brands not covered by the in-house policy.

Basically, all the good content creators grew up and got real jobs in production. I was hoping to get picked up by a company, too, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Here’s one that’s about a year old. Tried to mix Crossout with a little bit of Sonic the Hedgehog, but it’s post 2.0

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I’d love to see some 1st gen hover videos…

https://youtu.be/9uI8xp1mr7A?si=roF8-2elzAn4PR3n this videos nearly like 2 years old

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OMG i remember people running those booster slammer cars, those were so damn glorious :rofl:
it is a massive shame that i dont see those anymore. do people still run that in pvp? does it even still work? also does it still work after the nerf they did to boosters?

If I remember it right, they actually patched them out of the game at some point, just like they did with reaper copters and forward facing mandrakes

really? if they did then thats a damn shame because it was fun to see people getting slammed into the ground donkey kong style and just owned. if they patched it out then they NEED to bring that back in.

Only found an old clip of 1st gen hovers, not much happening and also not the typical meta builds that were used towards the end of that phase, which were hover tower shotgun builds lol.

Some clips, also some gifs thrown in so that’s why some bits have no sounds… they were only saved in gif form

I have more Cricket old clips than anything else but I may have to cut down a little…

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Well here it is… there’s a mix of full games, clips and gifs so here’s timeline if you wanna skip through anything


This is a recent video, but a happy surprise of a one, it’s one of those memey videos, i thought they did not make them anymore

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