Omamori has ruined the integrity of the game

I am done contributing to this game company it’s taken multitudes of items in my inventory already and altered them beyond functionality or intent of usage “typhoon/breaker”. The company is also not offering any way to alter the existing fusions people have acquired without spending riduclous amounts of money. So any veteran player that owned anything pre odin is completely out of luck of all the non existent fusions. The introduction of the omamori also killed the entire appealing aestethic of the game along with the customization of vehicles having weapons all over. The game has lost it’s carpocalypse feel and it’s become omni direction movement only. Plus the “just add heat” to any weapon and devs never listening to my actual feedback. You don’t get a dollar for antagonizing me anymore.


That’s not entirely true, if you want to get past one what you need is to do the following:
1 out number them.
2 rush them.

There are so many things going on in this game and without rectifying what’s been done its developers keep overburdening themselves with more and more to fix. Adding more to fix before fixing what is present. Brawl racing was one of the reasons I even played the game to begin with. Racing against the hovers was bad enough but, the races to just be gone is pretty ill. As I mentioned the carpocalypse of the game is gone. Where have all the arb limos gone? Why does every shotgun car have to have both it’s guns hit by the same scorpion shot? Why must every hover resemble a horseshoe? Why are all the levis in levi cw the same after the devs tried to enforce conformoity? This game is an issue of conformity and $. Sad thing is, it’s no longer a car game.


Its Game of Hovers, you woke up too late man. None arguments will fix developers/ceos decisions.

Even spiders use partially hovers now.


Yep, been really not feeling the game as of late.

I started to list all my thoughts on this, but since it’s really preaching to the choir. An since as mentioned the business side and developers show their direction…Prob be putting this game aside once the main battle pass is over…


the omamori wouldnt be so bad if it gave certain weapons a better boost over others. depending on the type of weapon, rarity and durability it would give a bonus based on that. like say a mammoth would have a big bonus because its a cannon and has high hp and something like an arbiter would have a small bonus because it has less hp, less mass and is smaller. giving an arbiter or 2 arbiters double the amount of hp is just… ridiculous… if your going to make a module that has damage absorption then it needs to be done properly.

yeah my aurora is now completely ruined and in order to change it id need to refuse it and get either 2 more or risk it and get 3 new ones to fuse to hopefully get heating parts rate. they shouldve given us the option to CHOOSE our upgrade to keep as opposed to just forcing it on us. now i have no choice but to wait and make 3 more or fuse the one i got to hopefully get a new set of perks. a few of my fusions changed but nothing to drastic apart from my now ungodly aurora.

The horseshoe builds are common on legs too. These are the ones I normally think of when people say they have issues with the omamori.

That might work, it’s something I’d be willing to test if they were to try it as a fix.

I think based on the shape they were probably thinking people would use it differently (not that I want to stick thoughts in their heads). i.e. a few ammo boxes with a large weapon over it. That’s also how they showed it on the season intro video too. I can’t really blame them either with it’s odd shape I wouldn’t have thought about using it in some of the ways people are mounting it either.

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if theres ways to abuse something then people will find it and abuse it. the devs know this.

i have pitched this before in a different post. though i cant remember which one. but different weapons should have different bonuses depending on the rarity, weapon type, weight, size, etc.

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They’ve mentioned a few times that they look forward to see how we break the stuff they make.

Honestly the most fun I ever had beta testing was one game game gave me the ability to use every spell in the game to test and to summon monsters to my location. I sat there for days trying every single one of them. I broke so much stuff it was hilarious. That really only happens though when the dev and beta teams work really close together.

I used to use the averter instead of the omamari. It was only recently that I found out that it has to actually touch whatever it’s protecting. (I used to believe it protected all the energy-using modules on a car, regardless of where it was placed. The description of how to use it was kinda lacking, imo.)

To that end, if it can only protect 1 or 2 weapons (if you twist your build into a pretzel), then it almost seems useless to bother with it, unless you could have multiples of it, each weapon having its own averter/omamori. I’ve taken it out of just about all my builds, and since it wasn’t doing anything for me before, there’s no impact on my playstyle, except for dropping the ps.


Seems like to me that they enhanced durability issues with guns and then sold us a solution, which isn’t the first time they’ve done this, probably.

this is why its perfect for things like cannons, because you only run 2 cannons. having extra durability on your cannons is a good thing, but with things like arbiters that can do an absurd amount of damage its not to helpful. cannons should have bullet resistance because something as small as an arbiter should be able to do full damage to a cannon. think about it, shoot a tank with a bullet and what happens? it either bounces off or the bullet just explodes dealing next to no damage to it. a small bullet isnt going to get through thick armor.

uhh… you didnt read the description to well did you? it says clearly in the description “automatically absorbs half of the damage dealt to parts that are attached to the power nodes up to 400 points.”
idk if your on pc or if they have different descriptions across the platforms but this is what it says on ps4.

I remember people complaining for years about how it was unfair that MGs were so delicate and easily shot off. It was obvious that omamori was added in response to the complaints (always be careful what you complain about!).

It wouldn’t surprise me if it gets another nerf, but I’m not convinced it will solve the problems people describe. Even without an omamori, horseshoe builds are very good at protecting DPS weapons.

I am convinced that the only real way to nerf those builds is to continue to tweak how cannons and missiles work, especially when they encounter spaced armour. I am glad that they are going slow though, as I am not eager to return to the days when I was getting one-shotted from across the map. Lately I’ve been finding that cannon bots are actually getting scary again, so best to go slowly with changes.

Well, there ya go. When it said “power nodes”, I thought the power nodes were the cabin and generator. The description didn’t say exactly WHAT the averter had to be attached to, so I would just attach it to the bottom of the cabin somewhere, and assume it was doing what it was supposed to, for anything that used power. Had they written “[…] attached to the averter” it would have spared me two years of stupidity.

Let’s face it, Crossout does not always mirror how things work in the real world, and definition and instruction did not exist when I first started playing. Cabins turn the wheels/tracks/etc. and provide the power? Engines and generators are merely “optional accessories”? Weapons perform better when they’re red-hot? Cannon/autocannon projectiles do more damage at longer ranges, when they’re travelling slower than when first launched? Using King-something mines speeds up the loading process for everything else? Come on already! Sometimes you have to take alot for granted! :unamused:

I was excited when the Omaori was released thinking wow what a game changer. Well IMHO its a paper tiger, better on paper than in actual use. BTW Who comes up with the odd names of these components anyway? So many memes can be made from just the names of.

Omamori and armor resistances are the dumbest shit theyve added recently. They are making this game so obnoxious to play with anything that isn’t a relic, fotm, or current BP item.


Yup. Tired of getting smoked by hovers and other omni directional vehicles.

Just logged off.

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Other players use the omamori they do extremely well. I use the damned thing and its the first thing to be shot off ! LMBO
“Murphy’s rule”

right,devs just maked to much diference poor vs rich players who spend with the visa card for everityng appear new in shop:((

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The more recent changes and developments are for the better. It’d be nice to have some sort of anything for the upgrade changes and weapon function changes.

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