Omamori the gatekeeper

Needed for every cw hover build… and 90% of used builds in cw are hovers.
Its borring as hell to spend 9k on a non interactive module.

Seems op af aswell but idc just give people bps for it or something.

90% of the builds in the competitive game mode locked behind another 9k is lame… apollo is enough.
From 700 down to 500 competing clans over a year. Im getting tired of playing the same 3-4 clans every session, stop putting up more barriers.


Thats true, game should add blueprint for omamori at least to give a chance to people who decided dont pay this batlepass… but you know, Welcome to free to play business.


You mean on two. You also need a legendary generator.

I dislike the limited crafting from the more recent BP. It punishes the newer players while enriching the whales.

CW has definitely gotten more expensive. Leviathans, 3 blueprints, and power creep have made this game a lot more expensive. The extremely high costs and the limited player pool is causing players to quit, making CW even more frustrating. The mode needs a major overhaul.


nerf omamori


It wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt such a huge investment , release more workpieces and reduce them to crafting cost

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Im sure devs already plan to drop an omamori workpiece soon. Like calm down its no big deal. I bet u even see an omomori workpiece next week. Thats totally something devs would do.

I also bet the mini bp will have a therm workpiece or a guardian workpiece only obtainable if you buy the mini bp. Thats the kind of crap moves devs will probably pull. I hope no one gets the mini bp if they do that, simply to spite the devs greedy behaviour.

im not getting the mini battle pass as is. a battle pass within a battle pass is to much for me and im not buying into it. plus i never played that past ravenger event and i really dont care for it. i want something new in the game not these stupid timed events that im so tired of getting. seriously what has been put into the game within the past 2 - 3 years? nothing! the only things we seen were a few new pvp maps (oohhhh like we dont have enough of them already) and new parts. while i like new parts we need more MODES in the game. im tired of the same thing every single year.

I am not buying it.
In fact, it may be time to move onto another game or take a 6 month haitus. I do have Game Pass Ultimate.

This is why i dislike you two.

Zarrurer just taking nonsense on one hand.

And Patentspending saying something id expect him to.

Agreed. You should both take a xout hiatus.

You dislike most people if not everyone, it is not exclusive to the two of us.

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Omamori needs to regen way way slower, and it should not be 50%. Kaiju Omamoris are the most impossible builds to deal with at 9k for me, I only see wedges/lances and hovers killing them.

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Id say i dislike about 35% of this community.