Is Omamori as useless as it seems?

Put a Scorpion on one and to be honest it felt like it ate so much damage, wish Kami it also made anything that heats pointless which was also nice

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I was messing around with attaching it to ammo packs and it seemed to soak a fair bit of under carriage blast damage away from them. Haven’t really toyed with it much yet beyond that.

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I think people might realise they can attatch 4 elbows to it sideways and mount 2 astraeus onto the 2 and then it takes only 10% damage plus the omamori takes half… idk if it would make them viable but it’s probably the best way on a hover… Just try and make sure the gun isnt on any of the special points, I could get like 25 charged shots out of it without doing damage to cabin or something, which would be 2500 damage

Maybe I’ll mess with that later, worth a shot.

I think so. Can’t imagine using one instead of optimizing build for energy, MGs, PS… Must be a thing for those guys using double scorps or avalanche that have bunch of spare energy to use on equipment.

Unlocked it last night and tried it today on a Kaiju build. Impressed at how much damage it can soak up on the range, but haven’t tried it in battle yet. The node placement is a lot more useful than averter.

I bet it could work reasonably well with Millers.

I was thinking about it with the master cab and avalanche but have yet to try it. I was thinking about how it would loop and heal.


honestly, for me, it is instantly useless if the total sum of durability of all parts atached to it exeeds 663…

this is not even a side-grade, it feels more like a down-grade to the averter, it should have had at-least 700-1000 base durability, and higher fuel…

literally a not only more expensive, but inferior “averter”…

it is just going to sit in my inventory eating dust…

I was assuming 1400 - as it only soaks 50% so it would break at 1400 damage (700 taken, 350 soaked, 350 desctruction)

Idk guys. If I remember it right, the module can regenerate durability. So theoretically it can give unlimited durability to attached parts (if not too much incoming damage and enough time to regenerate)
That doesn’t work for fighting something ambushing you… but could be usefull for long range duels.

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It regens that 350 soak max. anything over the 350 is dealt as damage to the unit which is why I was suggesting pairing it with the master cab.

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I’ve only seen these mostly on the usual small and fast low ps sealclub relic shotgun + lower rarity shotgun builds, and it makes degunning them even more of a pain in the booty than before so I guess it works

It soaks 50%, so technically it can double durability if you never get mroe than 350 dmg at once. Which is pointlessly low at high PS where Legendary modules make sense. One shot of any legendary canon and the Omamori is gone, and you have wasted 1 energy. It has so many attachment points in weird shape - any explosion damage is leikely to destroy it immediately.
It will likely be modified or become a specific hover meta.

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Yes, that’s more accurate.

I don’t find it particularly useful either. Could make more sense for low durability weapons lik IMPs or other MGs… But I don’t imagine using one on such builds either… Perhaps someone with Punishers might… but I would rather go there with 3xPunisher+aegis+Seal… Or something. Costing one energy really limits it’s applications.

Definetely yes, but how do you make the very weird shaped Omamori not touch cabin or armor? On smaller builds where you have most use form it omamori will likely be touching outer layer. On big heavy builds you could hide it, but there its of less use - you dont need to protect Mammuth canon, it will rarely be targeted - and if, 700dmg will be reached in seconds.

It’s absolutely not “totally inferior”. Quite obviously a hover Scorp is going to get more out of peekaboo omamori than out of an Averter.

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I wouldn’t waste 1 energy first of all. I play piercers and IMPs, so it’s either optimized lower PS build(4xMG+BigG+Seal)or(5xIMP+Seal) So can’t really use this thing… not while it needs energy.

Just tried it on a tiny ass 900 dura car, it’s insane. Rigged 2 bumpers, my front frame, 2 scav panels, my cab and my miller on it. I finish most games with my whole rear missing, and my front end in a pristine state. It’s a bonkers item.

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Yeah, I think it’s going to be better for small low durability cars than for big tanks. But time will tell: you never know what players will come up with.

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