Omg hes cheating bringing a levi to a regular match

9k hp is impressive. Highest I’ve ever gotten was 8k

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once i upgrade cohort cab for more durability i should be at 10,500 hp

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Everyone having green names is kinda throwing me off. On my game, green names mean they’re in a party, so it looks like everyone on your team is actively in a party with you.

lol i did change it to red but that wasnt to good cuz i forgot instantly who was the enemy

now just think of what kind of levi Im capable of building, u see the same kind the double decker mostly which honestly is kinda weak

Yeah, I hate the double deck leviathans. They’re always obscenely easy to disarm and have zero survivability.
“You can fit more weapons!”
OK. You can take half of them off with three or four well-placed AVENGER shots. They have no time to do damage.

Also, how much health are you capable of putting on you levi?

Now I’m curious…

Mmk big brains, what else would you do for your leviathan other than double decker? You seem to have such a keen sense for meta in CWs :roll_eyes:

A levi at my skill of building i could aim for 25,000 hp but i havnt actually planned it out cuz something like that takes time to plan nd figure out nd i know most ppl would just slap stuff together nd say meta lol

Bold of you to assume I play CW. Does YOUR leviathan have 8 wins in invasion?

my proto build is at 12,500 hp nd can still fit 20 more parts for structure nd weapons nd mods or just weapons nd mods or just structure

Impressive. Were I to remove all the bumpers from my leviathan (have new structure parts, too), I could get it past its current 10700

i know the decker levis r a rush build but its not always bout rushing in, but most ppl think its call of duty then when their getting getting owned by 2 ppl thats when most start on me me like where are you in the first place ping instead of talking so much lol

Decker levis are not rush builds. Mouth levis are rush builds

If you’re going up against competent players (something that you wouldn’t know about, being a CW player and all) they’ll know to aim for the deck supports to take out 50% + of the build’s weapons. Decker leviathans are good on paper (and in the average IQ pool of 10 that is CW), but less effective in the field. I’ve played invasions, and you want to know what happens to decker leviathans? Disarmed in under 10 seconds, destroyed in under 30. There’s a reason my old landship-style build had 5 wins in under two weeks. Decker leviathans are a terrible build style, deal with it.

Ive learned not to argue with idiots.

Agree to disagree

im wondering how you brought them into that mode. heck id love to do that lol.

Stop trying to justify garbage builds. You build a decker leviathan, no?

Send it off to fight for a week. See how many wins it gets.

Then come back, and we’ll talk. Mine averages a win per 5 days or so (I don’t deploy it every day). Once you get there, show me, and I’ll reconsider my standing.

I believe one of you is talking about a leviathan in CW and one in Invasion. You are mixing apples and oranges.

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ill throw some pineapples in as well lol