Omni wheels are becoming the most annoying thing in the wasteland

I don’t know why but there are a lot more Omni wheels builds out there and they are becoming very annoying… even more than turrets…

I’m not talking about the other team builds. But i’m talking about same team builds.

All that has been said about turrets can be applied to Omni wheels. they are like moving turrets homing at you with the intend of blocking you or cut you off with no apparent reason whatsoever.
why can’t they stay in their lane when we are moving to towards the cap at the start of the battle?

I just did a battle where i was there dealing damage with other guys of the same team but in the next moment a omni build put itself beneath my build, i was blocking his weapons, i ended up destroying or assisting the target destruction. He did nothing but to annoy me.

Even between them they do the same.

This has been happening quite recently


That seems like more of a player issue than a certain part issue, plus, course omnis are getting more and more popular especially after all the beatings hover take, and people who play hovers a lot will of course migrant to a movement part that offers the same movement, so they’re not gonna downgrade to a more limited movement and with these new legs and leg buffs you’ll probably gonna see more leg builds to who can strafe

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yea thats just crappy people i get at least one guy on tracks trying to push me around per session

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I think it’s funny to see guys on omnis who apparently can’t even drive straight. It’s like they have gotten into such a habit of strafing everywhere they go, that’s all they do. Even when just driving straight is going to be faster, they’re strafing.

I honestly don’t even think they realize they are doing it.

i still try to take off at an angle

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Yeah, I encounter an Obnoxious Omni nearly every battle on the same “team” (use of team very loosely.) Yes, They seem to relish to bump you from progression & run or come out of no where to push you out of the way to steal a kill right as you’re kill shot is lined up and ready to fire. Its not the movement parts fault at all. Its the users abusive game play that will create a nerfing of the omni. Just as the major nerf on wedge builds abilities on scooping from underneath. I feel the Omnis inability to push others no matter their weight ratios should be applied. Sad we can’t just play the game as a team with out that one joker acting a selfish fool ruining it for others whom play with honor.

I think part of what you guys are experiencing is that a lot of people are converting to omniwheels, and there is a learning curve to figuring out how to drive them.
The other factor is that they move unpredictably and don’t bounce out of your way like hovers. So you might drive close to one like you would with wheels, but then they strafe and you crash into them.


The only time I find Omnis to be annoying is when they are doing the same thing little peekaboo side to side swaying sideways hovers did in the past, being generally way more nimble than most builds/guns while wobbling from side to side like they are on ultra instinct

Going higher in ps usually fixes that though, there is a limit to how bloated in ps these little overly nimble things can be, but yeah they’re as effective at pushing low ps people away from the game as sealclub sideways hovers were in the past

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So much salt! :rofl: Calm down, kids. Y’all don’t really think they’re out there trying to ram their own players, do you?

Not trying to be salty, Just from my personal experiences and a few other friends in game. Not every omni user does this. IMHO they are emulating what some experienced hover enthusiasts practice.

You could be right about that… or they’re just clowning.
Either way, when you get killed because of it, it’s infuriating for sure.

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Just like anything else we occasionally have to deal with and adjust to. Just the flavor of the month until a new trend comes along. Just wanted to vent. I digress from my soap box :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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It’s all good… it wasn’t until you posted that that I realized I was finding them more annoying than track users who just drive through their own team. And that’s saying something.

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Agree 100%

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We need Omni wheels, it’s a direct counter to hovers in 10k lobbies.

I was playing omniwheels last night, and I was starting to get really annoyed at how many allies were crowding behind and beside me. Feels like I can’t strafe or reverse away from danger without slamming into a teammate.

I know that I’m also guilty of using allies as meat shields, but you’ve got to give us a bit more space if you don’t want to get bumped into.

If you’re playing omniwheels, you’re generally reversing and strafing a lot, and we don’t have rear view mirrors, so get out of my blind spots!

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This is what usually gets me to just go off on my own. It also sets the entire clump up to be a better targeted group for some weapons like crickets and mandrakes…

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Related - not related… I have created this problem myself in raids - specifically hard raids. I have an Aurora Arbiter build that is great at stripping weapons. I weaponless bot makes a great meat shield that’ll follow you around & sponge up some of those never-miss Tsunami and Typhoon rounds. More than once, though, I’ve de-gunned tread builds only to have them swarm me & box me in so I can’t move. :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Seems like every dog and their mother are using omni wheels now.

Did i miss a memo or what?

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About topic:

Its more about player, not Omni wheels. Every other movement part can do same, just without strafing, but rotation.

For me most annoying were playing any slower med/hvy cab builds, where light builds just go in front of you, and you cant shoot any target, just because they want shoot to get score. Thats why when playing missions i usually take fast build myself.

seems more like you trolled him. Omni wheels need strafe a lot, and since they dont have backward camera, or they stupid to look minimap, they just bump much, and try play omni wheels yourself, you will see how much they are vunerable to bumps that stop them to 0 speed. Its similar with hovers, they bump much, but at least they do not degrade to 0 speed.

Ofc playing Omni wheels hard-mode you can use T button to reverse view, but switching for non-reload weapons is impossible while fighting too. Only minimap can help to avoid something.

There is no blame on him or you. He try play good, so he need strafe, he should look more at minimap and not block your shoot, while you should avoid beeing in his blind-strafe spot making him 0 speed vunerable for enemy. Both need attention.