Omnis seem a bit off for a wheel

like the title says they seem to be a bit off for a wheel. what i mean is they have so much grip for a wheel.
now i get that the wheel is supposed to be able to strafe and whatnot, but i run a medium cabin thats quite heavy with all the parts on it, and i see people running these small builds but when they run into me they move me like i weigh absolutely nothing. when i run into them they dont budge or barely move at all. i have 6 bigfoot wheels on and they most of the time only have 4 omnis and can move me like im made of cardboard.
and when i try to run into them or move them they act like they weigh as much as a heavy cabin. fully loaded to the brim. my build isnt light either, it weighs about as much as they do. but for some reason the omni wheels have stupidly good grip as well as… id say super magnets on them? i can barely move a build half the time. havent tried it with a heavy cab but its surprising to me how effortlessly they can move me. its like my bigfoots have absolutely no traction or grip and they can move me with minimal effort.
is it just me or does anyone else find this weird?

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You’re not imagining it, and yes it’s weird.

Big Foot tires are my go-to, but they’re not great with traction. I think the devs claimed most of the tires have the same traction, but I don’t think that’s right. Maybe one of the start experts can correct me.

The Omnis seem to have similar traction as tank tracks.

exactly this!
the problem with this is it often leads to trolling from other players to. id be sitting there shooting when some idiot runs up and pushes me into my own porc fire or into the line of enemy fire forcing me to take damage, that or trying to chase me down to troll me (yeah some idiot was doing this to me last game i was in…)
i just find these wheels so ridiculous because no wheel, especially one so small and made of solid metal, should be able to push someone like that. if anything omnis should be more slippery then what they are. they are a small and sort of heavy tire but they should definitely not have as much grip as a tank track. i think this needs to be removed and have them have a bit less grip then a bigfoot. then increase the bigfoot grip a bit more. a tire as massive as that should have alot more grip. you agree with that?

i use bigfoots all the time. i cant find a good way to build with most other things in the game and not to mention i cant live without having my explosives be under my cab thanks to the bigfoots. the reason is in pve and raids, scorpion shots go through your entire build, parts dont stop them especially on bosses. and more often then not ive had them hit my generator and destroy my build cause of the ridiculous penetration power. so its why i keep explosives under my build as much as i can.

i dont think thats correct. and its clearly obvious that its wrong to. omnis have as much grip as a bigfoot and thats just not right. hell they have about as much grip as a tank track like you said, i seen people run multiples of these wheels, like 6 - 8 of these and literally nothing can budge them. i honestly think this is very unfair. wheels should not act like a tank track in terms of grip.

Omni aren’t wheels they don’t fall into the same category as wheels. So when they say all wheels have around the same traction they aren’t including Omni in that statement.

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Omniwheels are more like a tank track than a wheel, so the increased traction makes sense to me.
If they skidded, they wouldn’t feel like omniwheels.

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even so it shouldnt have that much traction though. its not as big as a tank track and its not a track wheel so it really shouldnt have that much grip. thats just my thought on it though. its just weird and makes no sense that a tiny build with omnis can push another build so effortlessly.

noted, though to me id categorize them as a wheel. the thing is i dont think they should have as much grip as they have. cause that just leads to trolling on other peoples parts as well. ive come across one to many people who just ram me from behind and force me aside or shove me into enemy fire to force me to take damage. meanwhile they could just drive around me but instead they have to be idiots and trolls and try to “assert their dominance” by shoving you aside. though it does make me laugh when they shove me aside only to get 1 shotted by a boss. looks like your wheels grip couldnt save you there! :rofl:

still though thanks for the feedback all.

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Large wheels are almost the same height, but a tier lower.

The new treads, Sliepnirs or whatever they’re called, are the exact same height.

Augers sit up high, too.

The same type of trolling use to happen when bigfoots had a lot of extra traction. They use to even push the tanks around which was also silly. They have to do better with power vs weight checks. Even a Omni should spin in place or not spin at all if the weight it’s trying to move is too much. If they’re aware of the amount of trolling and it bothers enough people it will probably get fixed eventually.

I used to use bigfoots a lot. (Well, it was the only thing we had)

Now 99% of the time I find that Hermits fit what I want to do better.

Interesting note: Some of the guys I know call “Bigfoots” the “Poor man’s hermits” - since you need so many more then bigfoots.


LOL WHAT?! are you serious? when was this? i dont remember bigfoots ever being that strong in terms of grip. but thats just funny xD

i was gonna say i dont get it but i figured it out lol. which one are the hermits again? the one who has a defense bonus the higher speed its going? i have a whole bunch of wheels but i use bigfoots so much that i just dont bother with other wheels much. i just like bigfoots alot.

i also like hovers quite alot but they are a bit hard for me to place. (i feel the hover haters brandishing their torches and pitchforks.) though i may switch to hovers for raids just to avoid the trolling idiots who try to shove me around. that way i can just fly in their face and knock their retcher guns off them due to recoil :slight_smile:

I used to love bigfoot. Then I got a set of 8 power fused hermit wheels.

For most people Bigfoots are the smart affordable option, but if you have the means I highly suggest Hermits over Bigfoots.

Yeah serious. It was around when they put nidhog in which was prior to any bp’s to give you an idea of how long ago. Players use to forum rage about how much durability they had too. lol

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Other than Sabbath and the armored tracks, I think I have every movement part in the game. I prefer Bigfoot tires because of the ground clearance. As was mentioned above, it makes it so you can protect things within and under the frame.

It’s also why those new tracks, augers, and large Wheels are used a lot in my builds.

I get you man. To each his own :slight_smile: that’s what I love about this game.

I just like to move faster.
Also, You can still under mount an Apollo with hermits.

Oh, I use hermit too. And arrays… and shivs… LOL

Really, the only movement Parts I rarely use are hovers and ml200.

I probably build as much as I actually fight. :joy:

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I’m surprised that most players haven’t realized that Buggy Wheels are actually really good.
They are incredibly cheap on the PS4 market, and I’m guessing that’s similar on other platforms. I’m usually the only one playing them in most matches.

Why are they good?:

  • they are the fastest epic wheel
  • they are very light, which means you can have more armour/speed
  • their perk is useful for DPS builds because of how they buff seals
  • their perk is also useful for a lot of single shot weapons if you use oppressor to boost the slow pivot speed of cannons
  • they are small enough to hide inside fenders, and durable enough that you don’t even need to protect them much
  • they still have enough ground clearance to mount an Apollo under the cabin.

If you play wheels and you haven’t given them much of a chance, but them now while they’re still dirt cheap!

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I fused a set of these a long time ago.

Been meaning to build a Lance build with them and never got around to it.

I do see these wheels as being under valued.

I’ve been meaning to try them with lances too, but haven’t got around to it.
What other weapons are buffed by these wheels directly? Some of the single shot shotguns are, but I can’t remember which ones.

Before Bigfoots it was tractor tires lol.

I too use mainly hermits. Sometimes Omni’s. It just feels like using bigfoots makes too tall of a target to me.


Evem before the 2.0 update omnis seemed to have the best grip to me of any other movement part. After 2.0 the grip was def throwing me off. Instead of just bumping in to walls now my builds would climb that wall and go virticle sometimes resulting in me flipping over. Crazy grip. But it seems to push and pull vs enemeies the same. Like if i have my mose pointing at a cohort mine layer when he skinners me and i hit reverse i can fight off his pull useing a hadron with just a cheetah, no big engine. Ive been doing that with omnis since day 1. Ill skip a bit at first but then it will o ly be bale to pull me like millimeters a seccond as i make it lighter by pewing and eventually outpull.

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