Omniwheel/Meat Grinder combos

I know this came up in another thread, but I think it deserves its own thread.
There seems to be some kind of handling advantage when combining omniwheels and meat grinders. Direction changes are much quicker, and the tilt is also useful.
I’ve seen Tenshijiin playing a sideways version of this combo, and I’ve also seen a few conventional layout ones too. I just threw one together and I’m immediately impressed at how the handling improves from augers alone.

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So… we take 2 movement parts that are not good, combine them, and then it becomes good?

All joking aside I will try it. :slight_smile:

For me, bigrams and hovers do what both of those movement parts do so much better that I can’t think of any time I would use Omni’s or grinders.

I have full sets of both fused and they sit collecting dust.

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Play with the angle of your tilt, as that seems to impact the effect. It makes diagonal movements very quick, and you can maintain momentum better when spinning, strafing and changing direction.
Golden eagle is a must.
So far I’ve tried a Waltz build and a Stillwind build, but I want to try it with miniguns next, and also some cannons.

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So I did try it. I had a ton of fun running around on the below frame build in the garage And even though it does work better. Omni and Grinders are just not competitive.

Almost everything was fused for power, so it took off super fast to 70.

I can see something mid PS being fun at 9-12k maybe?? After that it’s going to be way rough in PvP without one of the top tier movement parts options. Even at mid PS I still think this setup is subpar.

BUT to each their own, even I have been making some fun builds lately that don’t make competitive sense, but I still enjoy myself :slight_smile:

Thank you. It was a nice thing to try.

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I never thought this. Time to do some sketchy stuff doo dah, doo dah, I hope I’ll get away with it da da doo da day.

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Oh omni wheels are very good. You just kind of need tonnage engines on most builds and as few omnis as possible with a power fusion cab preferably. Heavy builds do suck though. Too slow.

U want two things that suck separately, but are good together? Try parsers with an assembler (needs Hadron cab too)

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Here’s my new baby. I’ve tried the forward facing omniwheel/meat grinder combo. It’s not working for what’s I’m building with at the moment. I’m putting a lot of weight far back on the build and instead of tilting, the forwards builds omnis lift clean off the ground. It doesn’t happen with the sideways set up though so I’m loving that.

Also this is doing wonders for protecting my toadfish.


I wouldn’t say it’s a combo you want to use on a fast cabin. It’s best on medium cabs. The meatier medium cabs. Two augers and four omniwheels is a bit much for a light cabin. It won’t move great. Anything heavier than a MEd cab starts to get too sluggish too.

Yeah, I’ve tried the combo with Hadron and with Beholder, and both are the perfect combo of speed and power to make it work.

Yeah, I’m not sure about that.

Even with no armor or guns the medium cabins felt sluggish in comparison to my 7-8 bigram builds.

Yes, all my bigrams are fused for power or acceleration, and the cab and the engine. But so is all the stuff I tested.

At the end of the day I think you can make fun and interesting builds that do well in PvP with grinders and Omnis, but in most cases bring them into top 30 clan wars your going to get smacked.

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Well u said that omni builds and this combo seem sluggish. And I’m telling you why. Your putting too much power drain on the cabins your using. Your not making fast omnI builds in the first place. If I built omni builds overdrained like you I’d think they were too sluggish too. But I don’t overdrain my omni builds. So I’m able to make faster builds. Disbelieve me all u want. But just keep in mind that this is why those parts don’t perform as well for you. Also solo omnis are more than strong enough for diamond cw.

The biggest issue with omni/meat grinder combos is that your kind of forced to use a golden eagle, and thus loose out on using a tonnage engine, and thus your more limited in the scope of what optimal cabins you can use. As well as on heavier medium cab builds its not going to be good to max mass, because you’ll need too many movement parts and the power drain will be too much. So the combo can be a bit contradictory.

Diamond cw? Idk about that. But holding every build to being top competitive is just silly. It’s starting to be an annoying comparison to me. I’ve heard tons of people tell me I can’t use a Wierd build in a diamond cw match, only to see everyone start to use that same build later in cw once they realize how well it works. People are just meta sheep and they can stay cookie cutter wit no real insight in to changing meta.

No it’s not.

I was trying to be a nice sport in this thread and test things. I’ll know better next time.

But now that we know it is mid PS non-competitive we can save some people reading this the trouble of doing it themselves.

Give us some examples of said builds, please.


So I’ve notice the excelleration bug that lets meatgrinder/omni builds strafe on an angle super fast is also present on builds that are all omni wheels.

I guess the bug definitely has to do with the hit box on the omniwheels related to traction and driving. Sometimes my build will excel super fast in diagonals when my omnibuild is on a hill or a ramp or something. It will go from zero to max speed almost instantly and while I’m driving up the hill. It’s just a six omniwheel build.