Omniwheels and Meatgrinders buff!

Wow, thanks devs for making these two movement parts so much better!
Omniwheels in particular feel like they could be OP, once people get a feel for them. So maneuverable and snappy now, not to mention much better at shooting while in movement.
Augers also feel a lot better, although not as zippy.

If you’ve been ignoring these movement parts, you may want to give them another try.

I suspect some hover players may switch to omniwheels for the stability and for the spread reduction.


Good to hear. I fused sets of these when they where cheep and have been waiting for them to be good :slight_smile:

Fun times ahead!

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I haven’t tried playing a match yet with the new strafing controls, but I don’t mind how they feel in the garage.
Console versions seems a bit different than PC (we don’t seem to have that 45 degree rotate toggles), but I was still able to figure out a way to shoot sideways using the free look control and some careful timing (rotate your aim quickly to the side, then hit the free look button to freeze them aiming to the side).
Having said that, I don’t think I’ll need to do that much. Makes more sense to armour up your guns and keep your car facing your enemy most of the time.

I’m just so happy that omniwheels and augers can finally move smoothly in all directions without losing speed. The new controls will take me a bit to get used to, but they are much easier on my hand muscles, and really encourage you to use the strafing capabilities to the maximum of what they can do. Feels like I’m figure skating!

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