On the length of matches

I just logged in and got a survey regarding match length. I just want to explain my position on this as its something I’ve felt strongly about since closed beta testing.

I’ve always felt the matches were too short. At first, it was just something that made matches feel pointless. If each match is only about 3 minutes long, I haven’t invested enough in it to really care about the outcome. I can just move on to the next one that will be equally empty. Its uninspiring in my opinion.

Resource grinding may also feel all the more grindy with short matches. Getting 100 iron from between 3 to 5 games is going to feel like more effort than getting it from one or two 15-20 minute matches. Of course this is just my opinion, but going back to my first point a bit, if matches don’t feel so pointless and I’m able to enjoy matches with more time invested, it will similarly feel less grindy. (Note: the ridiculous grindy-ness of this game is the number one reason people I know won’t play this game, some of them being people who also bought into the CBT when I did.)

Lastly, I think the meta of the game would be more easily managed with more time to counter and react. I also think that with longer matches, players would be able to read match development better and recognize whats actually happening when their whole team dies in 30 seconds.

So how do I see this getting addressed? Personally, I think the war thunder spawn system would be best. Basically instead of just one basic slot and one leviathan slot, you would have say 3, 4, or 5 basic slots and a leviathan slot. You would be able to spawn those 5 basic slots in any order you wish but when you die in one, you can’t respawn it. Additionally, I think more larger maps with less focus on lanes would benefit longer matches by allowing for creative approaches.

This is just my opinion on the topic, please keep replies civil. :slight_smile: