On the main BP what are you using your lighters for?

Currently I’m thinking about doing 2x legs and then doing the engine from the ones I’ve already made. I’m not sure how many I might earn past that.

What’s everyone else doing?

I’m going for the legs. I need one more for a set of six. If there’s anything left after that, then IDK.

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All legs

It’s all about the legs. I haven’t even looked at my engine yet. I did punk kids around with that cab though. It’s very, very, fast, and I like that. I can’t remember what I built with it though, but I remember it was fast. Very fast.

Since you’re here, are you earning points towards your Confrontation Tutorial challenge, have you completed it, or what’s the status on that fix for the bug that prevented people from having points scored towards that challenge? Did it go away when the session rolled over?




I should probably hold one back for tea time.

I was wondering, do they roll over, if you hang on to them? It seems like I had some left over once that didn’t vanish after the event where they came from was over.

All legs

They go in the trash if you don’t use them

Tutorial hangs around until you clear them. I was able to clear those last week, even though I couldn’t contribute to the clan challenges.

But this week everything is working, and my little three person clan is plugging away. I think we’ve done 200 badges so far, and should clear another 200 soon. I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up getting a similar number of badges as I used to. If we can get some more people in our clan, we’ll easily be able to do more than I did before.
But I also didn’t grind very heavily before. I’d just play PVP and ignore all the other challenges. Still doing that, with confrontation in the mix now.

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I haven’t managed to get in a match in the last few days so I’m stuck pretty much the same as everyone else that is stuck.

I just bought like 8 balls to stick between my 4 legs… I’m still heavily leaning towards the future 4k cash out for the motor. I really wanted more legs too though.

Out side the season the tutorial doesn’t reset but the league status does which is problematic for solo players. I mentioned this in an earlier post I think yesterday as there is no way to gain week to week as a solo player.

I’d expect this from you lol…

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I thought about that for the 9k’s some of those upgrades are pretty good.

i want to use my lighters on either a mandrake or a aspect, if i have 250 left over i can get another incinerator.
mandrake: because i do love the mandrake and i want to use it again.
aspect: i like the machine gun and i really want a set of them.
incinerator: would be good cause i have one fused for projectile speed and it would complement it.
fatman: having 2 of these with reload speed with a king, hadron and flywheel would be a BROKEN combo. just machinegun cannon fire.

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Ive got the humpback, one aspect, one hammerfall(was planning on getting another, but f* that, i am NOT the shotgun type), and i plan on getting two incinerators. Any leftovers will go towards legs. I dont think that the fusion for the legs is good though. 4 fused vs unfused -power legs is only 5% difference with the pegasus. Id much rather have durability accel efficiency.

Edit: i dropped 200 bucks on the pass. Disposable income is just that. Better than blowing it at the bar in a couple nights imo.

Edit 2: I say that about blowing money at the bar, but i won 100 bucks on the pool table last Friday and 40 the friday before that. Paid for my bar tabs and still netted positive.

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I was going to do two legs just to free two up to craft with.

I’m not using anything on the main BP as I haven’t even bought it yet, though am at lvl 70 but when/if I do get it, lighters be used for legs probably

I’m probably going to get the tsunami cannon so I have a pair. I wanted to get 2 more gerrida legs, but if their specs aren’t the same as the first four I receieved, I can wait till later.

What’s of more value later. I often sell things that would have no value at any given time. What are your build and what can you make money on?

I bought the battle pass, and I was trying to get 5th and 6th legs.
Then, the update happened.
It really took the wind out of my sails.
I completely forgot about the battle pass.

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I’m going for all legs. I have 6 fused so far and 2 non fused. I will probably do 8-9 fused depending on how many lighters I get. I did buy the premium battlepass.

I wanted those Retchers to, but I can get Retchers some other time.


Just legs. If there were no gerrida legs id not even bother with this bp.