On using different types of weapons in one design

People generally prefer to use one weapon on one design and rarely use different weapons together,What stops you from using different types of weapons in the same design?

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  • if the projectile drop is different, you have to aim them independently
  • if the range is different you’re never really doing full damage
  • if some are reload and some are overheat, you won’t have enough energy for modules
  • if turn speed is different, it’s harder to hit with all your weapons.

There are exceptions though, and some weapons go well with each other. Harvester/spark/flash is an obvious example, and of course using a single king on hadron to boost reload of other weapons is a good trick. I’ve been playing a jobukko with an incinerator and a kapkan with some success. Yaoguai and vultures can work together. Miniguns and aurora. Cyclones and aurora. Trombone and almost anything.


The strength of different weapons at different distances stops me.

Once one puts a melee weapon on, one can only obtain max damage from the build at melee range.
Once once puts a shot gun on, one can only obtain max damage from the build at shotgun range.
so on and so forth for each weapon type and class.

Kapkans are an exception. They are good on every build you can fit them on.

so on and so forth.

Good overview, it is clear that those weapons are specifically designed to match the auxiliary weapons

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Most of the time I’m only going to use 1 weapons type, I feel like this optimizes your build.

But some weapons will work together.

I run a double whirl, double vindi, nova, bigram build that kicks butt.

This build is 14.5k and I put it against Relic builds all the time.

I only run double Vindi and double whirl because they can out DPS Punishers. Now… I’m not saying they are better then punishers, but if 2 epics and 2 Ledgendaries can out DPS 3 Relics, then it a damn good budget build.

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This is 3 punishers

And this is 2 vindi and 2 whirl


Nothing. In fact, I do.

My first cannon car has been built to take LBs, Hulks, Quasars and Pulsars with no modifications. It’s not too hard to make it accept a few other weapons, like Phoenixes.

Found this screenshot of it I was using to show how god awful that green chrome paint is. I won that shit in one of the soccer events, heh.

In the same spirit, my Shotgun build accepts Luparas, Sledges, Maces, but also Emilys and Impulses with very little modifications.

Some other builds are built around cab swaps. I have a Quasar Claw car that just requires deletion of a couple parts to replace the Quantum cab by a Harpy, and I used to have a WHirl car that could swap between Howl, Favorite and Torero.

And yes, I often intentionally modify these cars to make the parts swaps as simple as possible, and check firing angles/rotation with all the alternative weapons I use.

I saw the new weapons designed by the developers, as well as the description to conclude that they are actually lazy to make more new weapons, but in order for the game to appear more design, I made some considerations in this title: perhaps we need a module, which can give both loaded weapons and overheated weapons buffs,This is what I used to think Suggested changes to radiators and coolers - #12 by 89654318

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Interesting combo. I like how you solved the “can’t have 4 Whirls + a Seal” problem that has been haunting me since a couple years :joy:

Man Whirls are brutal and if only Targem wasn’t trolling massively, I’d still have fun in CW in my good ol’ Whirls brick. Funniest gameplay that worked in CW for me, smashing right through Scorp hovers and Draco dogs all the same while ignoring kaps :triumph:

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I feel like there is potential for fun gameplay, but many of the same gun always seems to work better than one of different guns, excluding support stuff like the usual kapkan trombone etc.

But I also feel like there should be a cabin in the game that gives a boost to weapons if you have more than 1 type installed, but I also feel like it needs to be not a static damage boost for all guns to avoid cheese, but stuff like bigger fire puddle radius, larger explosion radius, more ammo and faster cooling, faster bullet fly speed etc. depending on the gun itself, so every gun would gain their own individual boost instead of X more damage per X different type of weapons

Maybe a cabin that provides a driver perk for each weapon, but does not add any passive perk.

So you get + puddle size, but you don’t get the X buff.
Or cannons you get Projectile speed, but no hit 4 things 80m type perk. (i am not actually looking at driver skill, so these may not be accurate depictions).

Omnibox solves the reload/cooling combo, doesn’t it?

Yes, but many cabins will provide gain for all weapons at the same time, the main problem is: more energy is needed to allow more weapon types to get the same gain as a single type of weapon, and there is some negative impact of matching different types of weapons, in order to make multiple types of weapons available we need one that gains multiple weapons at the same time and is more efficient for each type of weapon than the existing flywheels and heat sinks to offset the negative impact, obviously this will make all Players use it, even if they do not use multiple types of weapons, so according to my previous idea can solve it: like a single weapon: 10 machine gun energy divided into 10 heat dissipation, 10 energy cannon divided into 10 flywheel, (now is each machine gun divided into 1 heat dissipation no matter how much is divided into one, and my idea is that no matter how much energy machine gun is divided into 10, the more energy, the less divided) and a new A new module has 8 heat dissipation and 8 flywheels to divide it into 5 energy machine guns and 5 energy cannons, so that each weapon can get more effects to offset the negative effects of using different weapons

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My brother, you do a much better job conveying your thoughts in English than a great many native English speaking people I know. You do an honor to your people. :+1::+1::+1:

Anyway, this is what I think, if the developers hear and take them, the game can get more diversity without more weapons,developers have been very lazy and don’t even make new weapons without making money.

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