Once again complaining how missiles in general need a buff

And if not all of them, at least the 2-shot fixed angle missiles like wasp, pyralid and locust.

Missiles as whole currently do pretty much no damage after all the armor changes and removing missile hit damage, and having very little hp is no longer justified from way back of the glory days of missiles

Especially the two-hit missiles, crickets are somewhat thriving after getting some buffs and a cabin changed specifically into making missiles better, some people can make snowfalls work, but locusts etc suck in general, and the physical model changes made running them in the one on top of another configuration work very wonky, instead of all three of them firing at the same time, you usually end up with 2 firing and 1 not, and with 2 pointing in the right direction and 1 off to some random direction. Running a Harpy seems to be a must if you want any of the locust-line missiles to do any damage at all in the PS scores your build ends up in, and even then it does not feel like it’s enough. Going full on spamming does not work either because they simply do not pack enough of a punch to properly do much damage or have any hp to speak of to survive engaging any kind of a usual enemy

Back when you could aim and shoot these somewhat better and get all three guns to shoot in the general same part of a build they still struggled on just barely, but the physical model changes that happened recently were the final nail in the coffin for Locusts at least

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It took me a while to realize this was about rockets and NOT missiles T_T

I agree that the Wasp line and Snowfalls are trash rn because of all the stupid armour everyone has. Stupid amounts of armour is a problem in general tho, so maybe devs should try to fix that first.

ALL rockets have become worthless. I used to use pyres, flutes, hurricanes, nests…but not anymore. My loss rate with rockets is 75%…and that’s in pve. Trombones seem to be the only variety that have any purpose.

i just think they need to sound more dangerous and deffening where everyones game gets distorted everywhere on the map

Energy cost reduction, PLEASE. 4 per launcher is not justified, especially if they’re not computerized and guided. I think the costs should be reversed, with the dumb rockets having two energy and the homing ones having three (four is a LOT, but 5 for the cricket makes sense).