One Hover Lover

One hover is all you need to move around :sweat_smile:


lol those are funny but they made a change a long time ago so any hover less then 3 still charge you for the same about of movement pen as 3 do. Also if you get nocked over resetting your self with the jack or auto jack doesn’t always work.

Well i dont know about that nerf but it still seems cheaper in ps having 1 hover vs 3 hovers.
Maybe some new meta builds can be made around it :upside_down_face:

I built something very similar.

“IT WORKS” on the exhibition.


Yes lockman you have inspired me with that build, but it was hard to find games in the 2000 ps range so i made my own version, but you deserve credits too

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It’s in the patch notes… :smiley: You can probably find them in here as it was a change from a few years ago:

Sometime a few of us use monohover builds in custom battles, using the map where you can change it to an all-acid lake. Getting the perfect balance is critical, and my favorite weapons are rockets; one hit is usually enough to throw your opponent off balance and plunge him into the acid.


Mountain lake is good for this too, a lot of people have been using the exhibition to publish battleship games.