One simple text file

Managed by a person who actually plays and knows the game.
Is all this game needs to rebalance itself again.
Because the way it is now, its just a clusterfuck of meta builds using only 5% of the weapons crossout has to offer.

20 years ago i played counterstrike, learned about the source engine, cvars and the server.cfg text file that contained all the gameplay variables.
People could change them as they liked and many mods and improvements had come after that.

But Targem oh please, 8 years now you have been a dumb idiot in game balance by making the most easy weapons the most powerful, and creating 300 other weapons around them that are not the most easy, so you will lose when you use them.

Talk about bad management.
Someone who actually plays the game daily needs to be in charge.

targem has deluded corporate management who wants nothing but quick money

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Indeed, i tried to give them my expertise for free, but all i got was silence.

There’s a reason an online game like Crossout doesn’t have that “feature”.

In the past, I’ve played games where you could modify game parameters, server profiles, vehicle parameters, etc. I’m thinking of games like Star Fleet Command (back in the 1990s) and others, and it’s only because the game was sold as a single-player with the enhanced ability to set up the game with your own pc as a server, and people would connect to you, and play as a multiuser game. They would get access to the same profiles so that everyone played with the same enhancements.

Imagine if we could go in and modify everything here, and then play against other live people who do the same. There’d be no fainess or balance; everyone would set their weapons to do infinite damage and missions would last 15 seconds. The novelty would wear off quickly and the game would be worthless. Only if there was a stand-alone version of Crossout (where you only fought AI vehicles) with the option to be a multi-user server, would the customization ability be practical.

Anything that isn’t melee right now seems to be at a gross disadvantage, and you work your ass off for a win, while if you’ve got a grill full of active melee you’re like a shark in a pool of tuna. For a melee user your biggest challenge is simply getting from one victim to the next fast enough, which seems to only be precarious when hovers are the target. It’s genuinely ridiculous. It’s become a game of “the quick and the dead.”

It’s not the game’s only issue, and some of melee’s popularity may stem from the fact that guns are too easily stripped, so why use them (I don’t usually because of this)? If they rolled the strength of melee back, I think it would reveal other balance issues and possibly make hovers the nuisance they used to be, due to how flimsy weapon durability has become (plink-plink, de-gunned from across the field).

Nonetheless, I do think melee has crossed the threshold of absurdity, and it’s hard not to place some of the blame on marketing. They wanted to sell a durability solution, so they created a durability problem, and rather than buy that solution (durability modules), kids just built melee and took advantage of the situation in their own way…cheap and effective.

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I would disagree with part of this. When I’m playing melee, I target hovers first, because they die quickest from a melee attack. Spiders and tracks are the hardest to successfully attack with melee, even though they are slower and easier to hit. Takes too long to chew through their movement parts to get to the juicy bits.
If you hit a hover hard from the right angle, you can slice many of them in half immediately.

Do you ever use oculus? I know in higher PS it’s becoming more and more common to see people running verifiers. I’m curious if the low PS crew are turning to oculus to counter dogs and melee.

No, but that would probably be a good idea for campers. I’m no camper for sure, but I might give it a try, just because I’ve never cultivated that play-style (sniper/camper), myself. ACs are pretty strong at every power-score, I think…strong enough, anyway. I might try an Oculus-sniper-camper-AC build. Sounds fun, but it’s still going to have to be fast enough to escape incoming melee. The melee is thick.

If more players were just paying attention in the first place, maybe melee wouldn’t be such a gigantic problem. Most melee users aren’t even cloaked 90% of the time, and you can see them coming plenty easy, but just putting it in reverse seems to be an incredibly popular defense against rushing melee, despite how demonstrably ineffective that is to turn to your weakest possible feature (reverse speed) to save you from one of the game’s strongest features (melee). I’m amazed at how many people try that, when unless you’re on hovers, that’s just not going to work, ever, and it doesn’t. Just one guy on melee can take out an entire team in less than a minute, because so many people turn to this as a defense, and think it’s going to work for some reason…they’re like deer looking into the headlights.

PS (edit): Dual vertical harvesters aren’t a thing at low PS, so hovers, where I’m at, still retain a slight advantage over melee, compared to other movement parts. Usually the melee is mounted low and horizontally, or is a rocket-pig.

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Tracks are great for reversing away from melee.
I feel like when I play tracks, I’m driving in reverse for almost half the match.

Last time I played low PS there were barely any hovers, so makes sense that the melee builds down there aren’t really built to go up against them. Do they not even have passive melee mounted high as hover catchers?

ACs are a decent way to hold back the rushers, but I get a bit bored playing them after a while. Too much sitting around.

Ya…I went and picked up an Oculus, but I bet I’m not patient enough for it.

I did pick up some regular tracks, slapped some Avengers on a Bear all tucked behind a snow-plow and I see what you mean. It was fun, lots of reverse (one of the few movement parts where that actually works), and I had some success…no MVPs, but whatever. It was fun anywway, and the melee wasn’t overwhelming, but that is WAY down low in power-score. Any time I tried to take regular tracks and cannons up into even 5K, I just get mauled ruthlessly. My cannons get pinged off by ACs or shotguns, and the melee tosses me around like a rag doll. It’s harsh, not fun.

I’m actually enjoying the cannons, but my tank is just under PS 4K. It works because I’ve got plenty of ammo with the Avengers. Once I get into higher power-scores, I quickly start needing stronger cannons, and none of them seem very competitive, and they all run short on ammo, which means explosive ammo-packs…and more violent melee, and at that point almost anything is better than tracks and cannons which aren’t nearly as durable as they ought to be probably.

I was considering picking up an elephant again, as I tried the Fat Boy and it was miserable…is there a cannon on one of the event benches? I feel like there is (I’m gonna check). I think maybe if I had some sort of fused cannon set up to go along with my tracks I might have better luck. They just seem too weak un-fused.

I didn’t buy any Battle passes (not interested in Legendary gear), but I do think I’ll be able to earn at least one fused epic for free, which is nice (thanks, Devs). I can’t decide whether to go for a cab or a gun though (prolly the gun?)

I’ve not given up on cannons and tracks yet, and I really want to try and get that in gear and have a more classic tank set up that works, not that I’m not enjoying those Avengers. I just think I’d like to see that Carapace be the cab that’s doing it and not my Bear. Nobody likes the Carapace (works good with Junkbows), and literally nobody is buying it. I can’t sell it (fuse it?)

Fatman has so much projectile drop that it’s really only useful at medium/close range. But has fast reload, so you can be effective with it if you get the hang of it.
Elephant is much better at long range, but they’re often more expensive on the market than they are really worth.

I know I could play fixed angle cannons on tracks, but I find it too hard. I usually put those kinds of guns on either legs or other strafing parts.

As far as Oculus and Verifier go, they are still useful for non-campers. It’s just nice to get a heads up of incoming villains.

Edit: hulks might be your best bet for the PS you play at. Or even Little Boys.

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I just saw a guy do pretty good with Little Boys…not sure that really sounds the way I’d like it to. :thinking: I might try that, as I have one fused already…Hulk too, so I could go either way…maybe. IDK.

Anyway, I saw that I can get a couple god-fused Prosecutors from the main battle pass (free, without buying in), so I might give that a shot, but it’ll be a while (grind).

Have you ever played ML200s?
I really like them with the fixed angle cannons, especially with camera steering. Plus they’re not bad against melee/dogs. With a bit of practice, you can feel like a bull fighter dodging charging bulls (while blasting them in the face with cannon shots).

Unfortunately, it seems like all the five energy cannons feel a bit weak with only two, but running three means you need a lot of energy.

I gave it a shot again recently. Didn’t work well for me. I just got mauled. I’ve tried several times now, I guess I just don’t have the gear to make’m work.