Only this after such a long time?

Welcome. I haven’t been on the forum for over a year because I haven’t played for over a year either. I have a question for the more informed. Is something finally going to change in this game? All the time the same events, the same or similar games. I entered the game and nothing has changed for over a year, which is the almighty shotguns with jacks. How long has it been since changes were mentioned? Over a year ago, no absolute changes to date. Does anyone even read this from the developers side? I’m very bitter that I came in after such a long break, and the game hasn’t changed anything, maybe minor some changes.

There have been many changes over the past 12 months. You may or may not like them but it is folly to suggest nothing has changed.


Many things did change in a year, it’s more so the effects/improving it did that is debatable.

Yeah things changed…we just had Bunny Ear holograms!


Didn’t you leave the game for a year because you didn’t like the “change?”