OP-AI-(BOT) OP W-Key OP Athena

Relic NERF:
Flash I
RL-9 Helicon

Relic BUFF :
CC-18 Typhoon mass NERF
ZS-52 Mastodon mass NERF

Legendary NERF :

I could still list what should be…
But until the broken physics are fixed, nothing makes sense


A tad long

yea sorry :frowning:

So basically you crying about weapons which you don’t have, right?

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of course :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Breaker is bad already. Fused Mastadon is maybe the best weapon in the game.

Cool list, but you have too much of my stuff up for nerf. Also, Scorpions don’t need any love.

Breaker very good Hower OP Cockpit+ Hermes+breaker OP
Mastadon: Mass 2855 kg Not the best weapon in the game.
Scorpios need love!

lol. how bout no?

helios: its not broken, it doesnt need a nerf. while the helios can be tedious, it needs to land all its shots to deal additional damage to the cabin. it has fairly low durability and isnt the best weapon overall it has its flaws but its still a great weapon.

hammerfall: its a shotgun. short range and very frail.

Athena: i do agree with this one. athena can be a bit overpowered. on bots its just absurd how powerful it is if you dont strip the weapon right away.

fortune: no way this needs a nerf dude. fortunes are strong yes, but you need to learn how to use them for them to be effective like every other weapon.

cyclone: give it time.

draco: wasnt this nerfed a while back?

toadfish: why? the toadfish isnt that bad. it needs to land both shots for it to be of any use so i dont see the need for a nerf.

remedy: your… wanting a nerf for an already weak flamethrower? i dont support this.

for your buffs you want

typhoon and mastodon mass nerf: i feel the mandrake should get a buff to durability if anything. mandrake is 2430 kg and 689 durability while the mastodon is 2855 kg and 1505 durability. the numbers dont add up to me.

ripper: i like the ripper and want to get one, though im not sure what to buff on it though.

scorpion: NO. scorpion already pierces and does alot of damage as is, it doesnt need anymore of a buff. its a precision weapon for a reason.

more nerfs from you

firebug: i agree that firebug blight is broken, seriously thats ALOT of damage.

flash: i never used a flash but idk how good it is. i have a spark though if that counts.

helicon: someone else thought buffing the helicon was a bad idea to. apparently they are very powerful from what i herd.

breaker: if the breaker still had its invincibility perk then yeah id agree for a nerf but it doesnt anymore. the only problem i see is the cabin that boosts reload.

Athenas - A bit overpowered? They need a 30-40% efficiency nerf in some way shape or form. That’s more than a “bit”.