Open poll with visible voters ends 15-05-2023 at midnight

open poll with visible voters ends up 15-05-2023 at Midnight
  • I mostly use SGs
  • I mostly use Mgs
  • I mostly use Melee
  • I mostly use Missiles/rockets
  • I mostly use Drones
  • I mostly use cannons
  • I mostly use Crossbows
  • I mostly use ACs
  • I mostly use Uncategorized weapons (that category where some weapons fall)
  • I mostly use energy weapons
  • I mostly use flame weapons
  • I mostly use grenade launchers
  • I mostly use Mine Layers
  • I mostly use a combination of weapons (specify which combination)
  • I don’t have a dominant weapon ( specify which ones you play)

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I play what I feel like playing. I can say which one I play with the least: SG’s. I already played 10k games with them and get bored part way through a game/raid. Could also be why I am so underwhelmed with Jorgs.

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And What you had been liking the most?


Sorry, I don’t have a dominant weapon. Mid to long range categories.

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where is SD (self destruct) on the list? :crazy_face:

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No dominant weapon, and I can’t really list the ones I use, as I will literally use anything. There are a few classes of weapons that I haven’t used much, but that’s just because I never got around to getting them. Eventually I give everything a shot, and usually spend at least a month trying everything I can think of before giving up.


I also play everything, but if I’m working on a new build then normally I’m playing that till I feel like it is done. 1-3 weeks to fully complete something, then I post it and move to the next project.

If I’m just crushing out some games then I’ll jump on whatever will finish the BP challenges I have the fastest, then after that if I’m playing random PvP I jump on a different build ever 2-3 games. I don’t like people knowing what build I’m going to be on.

I normally change to whatever is the direct counter to whatever I’m seeing on the battlefield. If you have a team running “Rock” then I’m changing to “Paper”

I have never understood guys that I have meet that are like “I’m a (insert weapon here) player.” I play whatever it takes to win.


Anything that has a daily. Quasars generally for cannon day. Electric for raids.


mostly it’s this combo: 2 sidekicks, 1 hawk, 2 boomsticks, and as much passive melee as possible. Oh, I count Shivs as weapons, too, so 6 of those.

Aside from that, it’s my trusty Aurora/MG combo.

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I rotate frequently. It’s mostly - but not exclusively - based on the challenge.

For the shotguns, I use a quad Mace.
For the Machine guns, I use a quad Vector or Sinus (they swap out flawlessly)
Those are typically on a sub 6k fully fused build.

For cannons, which I hate, I use a fully fused Assembler build at just a tick over 10k.

Hard raids get a massive 14k dual retcher that has been constantly upgraded for over a year.

Other raids get one of two triple Arbiter/Aurora builds. One is on quad augers, the other wheels.

I honestly couldn’t tell you which of those gets used the most… probably the first once since I can swap the weapons out so easily. That build also gets triple Storms easily swapped out.

In addition to those, I have a build using Little Boys, a tiny cute art build using Cobras, Barrier & King. Lots of fun. I even got MVP once in it. LOL

There’s a big nasty Gravastar build… not OP or anything, but fun.

There’s a build specifically for farming the 20 side missions when I’m too lazy to actually put forth any effort. It’s got the Cerberus cab, tormentor, two lacerators, two maulers…

And then there’s the builds I keep floating around the exhibition… ducks, dragons, dogs… mostly pyres & drones on those.

I get bored easily, so I switch out what I play a lot.

This is another reason I enjoy XO more than most other games. Changing the weapons on a dude running around shooting people isn’t much variety.


Im an MG purist. From game 1 to game 10,000, ive mained MGs and loved the gameplay. If im not using MGs, im using Destructors. Parsers for a while before they got nerfed into Oblivion. I like hitscan weapons and constant DPS. Land your Scorp shot early, outduel me in MGs/Destructors, wedge me with shotties or fire, or you and your team are in for a frustrating day at the office.

Side note: Ive used MGs through every meta change in the game. They were briefly top tier when Aspects came out for a few months (way before i ever had them), and MGs are meta now. Every other time period (80+% of my time on crossout), they were a competitive disadvantage. So id discourage anyone from saying i jumped on the bandwagon. Ultimate example? When the Breaker/Typhoon/Punisher relics came out, i waited a month, and bought Punishers, knowing full well that Typhoon stun lock was the only meta at the time. Back then, the Punisher perk slowed rotation speed, which literally did nothing to a hover player. So i bought 12 damage MGs with no perk, using them against the most pure meta ever seen in this game. To the point? Im a MG purist, and proud of it. Whether theyre good or bad, ill ride and die with them.

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This underscores some advice I’ve been giving newbies for quite some time.
Acquire & fuse the support parts (wheels, hardwared & cabs) that will support Machine Guns & Shotguns.
Through every nerf/buff cycle, there have always been good machine guns & shot guns. Which gun you choose might change, but there has always been good MGs & SGs. There have always been dailies for them, too…

After that… cannons.

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Ive always mained cannons until they got powercrept into oblivion by hitscan DPS. Now I main astras because they deal damage and will kill generators. Cannons are all just so shit including avalanche. Even if I hit a module they rarely retain enough damage to destroy it and good aim doesn’t benefit cannons beyond hitting your target. Their projectiles seem to be the size of yoga balls hitting everything to the side of what I aimed at.

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I like not all, it seems that there are no rules: submachine guns, plasma rifles, most autocannons, most drones, hurricanes

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I rarely play mine, and as a target of them, I agree… there was a time when I’d get one-shot-killed by cannons somewhat regularly. Now, it always takes multiple hits - even from relics. I’m sure my builds are better, but that’s not the entire story, here. Cannons got nerfed into meh-mode.