Opened 40 crates and got no coins

why say you might get coins when u didn’t put coins in them?..
did anyone get coins from this?..i just got junk…

Never. I don’t even open them anymore.

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i have like 50 of those i think… but i dont really fuse anything unless its through an event. its just not worth the time to fuse anything outside an event, its just to expensive with crafting costs, even then you might end up needing like 9 or 12 items just to get the fusion you want. so those tend to sit in my inventory rotting away.

Once. 200 coins.

But what about decor crates? They never gave me anything other than white crap.

Buff crates.

Yeah Gaijin/Targem need to stop being so tight on their resource wallet strings, the battle pass crates probably be giving out 10 copper or scrape lol

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I wish we could sell stabilizers (even though I doubt many would ever buy them).
I do not understand why they give us so many. I miss getting actual items in the crates.
I really hope that someday we can do something more interactive with the range building items, as I have stopped opening those crates too.

Make crates fun again!


Another wasted resource in this game you can’t sell, stabilizers, right there with casings and holiday/event resources which years ago were tradable!

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I like to play different games with friends together too. And ofc to earn different cool coins .I usually play valorant anf get some help from Picking the right agents can help you get up to speed more quickly. Riot Games has rolled out 18 agents over the course of the game’s brief history, crowding the protocol with complex abilities and backstories

I’ve gotten coins twice
And I have well over a hundred stabilizers
So yeah.

Long long ago, in a land of naive players, there was a player ( ME ) opening the crates…
Not even these crates, I can’t remember what those old ooold ones ware… The very first time, a new player as I was, I got a cool item. Blue f****g Nomad plane wheel, BUT an actual useful item for a brand new player.
This was even before the naked frame Caucasus era and PVP rewads of lights and wheels after every match.

It sounded cool, getting an item on a first go, so naive little new wastelander I was, I kept opening… Many crates…
NEVER got anything good ever again.

I never opened a single f****g crate again. Learned the lesson early, it’s a big scam.

I probably shouldn’t craft them anymore, it’s a waste of 400 scrap.

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Yes. Yes it is…
Gambling in XO is horrible… Be it opening crates or fusing and hoping for the result you need.