Operation blackout thoughts

Another win!!

Another another win!! :open_mouth:

4th win!! omg!!

Being the ravagers have no weapons and worthless . Rewards are below mediocre

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Hi People of the Wasteland,
I had the duck yesterday! Otherwise, this mode lacks consistency, there are things that are difficult to understand, the rewards are paltry and random. In addition, they do not correspond to the order given on arrival, we get lost. Anyway, I haven’t played it since yesterday, I have the sand duck. The other brawls were more interesting and better rewarded even if, here it’s plastic…


I’m never gonna win. Closest was Lloyd on ground, couldnt move, but i was last person left, out of ammo (why no ammo drops?) and surrounded

After that, ive literally been pushed off map or Ravagers camp around a corner knowing there’s nothing you can do when you’re heading to next area.

If it’s ME, I’m ok with that. I’m not the best player, but so often it just feels like cheap deaths.
I’m already at disadvantage because the game hates cannons, but cmon, literally NOTHING i can do some attempts

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Final thoughts on it are that ravagers need way shorter of a stun, with how little armoring and hp the spiders have + piercing mechanics, it does not matter what direction you are being shot at your eyes get taken out, even if your enemy is shooting from behind you, and you’re mostly just spending time being stunlocked and destroyed because you have way too little hp. They should either have beefed up the HP much more for cabin and movement parts, or just reduced the stun time

Another big gripe with the mode is the gates at the end, the timer is too long and the gates won’t stay open long enough, nothing is more fun that respawning, waiting 30 secs for the gate to open, instantly getting stunlocked and killed once it does, spawning in just as the gate closes back up, timer starts up again. Or being completely blocked from chasing after survivors on the last stretch because the gates are still doing the opening and closing even when Lloyd is dead, at that point they should be instantly perma-open

Biggest gripe with the survivors is the don’t lag too far behind-timer, pretty much forcing people to not run any armor at all, and rush forward, ending up in a rush forward mess that ends up costing most players their lives out of not being fast enough, but speed in general is a mess in this game these days anyways because the devs are incompetent idiots to begin with. I know it’s there so people can’t just troll the game, but the way it works is not great. I’d rather extend the range of it, so people can in general be more far behind, but increase the damage by a lot, so if you do get left behind you almost instantly die. Even a top speed of 100km/h feels way too low for this mode with a few players obsessed with finishing the mode blasting through the map and costing most players death, and due to the overall effectiveness of miniguns ad the wonkyness with the gates, they can do this and finish the mode all by themselves.

Too many times have I seen 2-3 players on max speed minigun builds rush forward, costing the most of the team their death once they lag too far behind trying to play fair and as a team, and then manage to kill Lloyd and survive because of the gate timers and minigun performance, earning a very unearned victory. For a mode about a group of survivors working together to defeat the ravagers it really does not feel that way at all, only the selfish a-holes with the usual meta guns can win in this mode. If you want to win, grab machineguns, get as much speed as possible, be the first at everything ram your teammates out of the way only you matter you can solo everything

Thankfully it’ll be over today, got my final crate and I can safely say that unlike many good game modes, I won’t be missing this one at all, good riddance gg you made an attempt I guess

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First of all I liked the premise of the game mode now for my opinion.

  1. Ravagers were far too under powered point blank. re: No defense mechanism. Exception of the anti mine device. “paper tiger” effect IMHO.
  2. Several weapons should be limited or even unavailable in this mode . Unavailable: Retchers ,Threshers, Yaoguai, Spark, turret drones and a limited amount of various mini guns. Or remove the ability to use coolers or Radiators that enhance the mini guns performance.

Personally, I wouldn’t play or continue a match if any of the following were used. Do I have these weapons in my garage? 99% of them but my personal beliefs it made the game mode as shooting fish in a barrel & then calling yourself a Master Angler. Was the game set up to favor weapons that could farm points, Yes. Not blaming the users as they were taking advantage of the option provided to them. Solely placing the responsibility upon the Developers for allowing such . One may ask Turret drones? Yes, They are an annoying damned obstacles that your “Team mates” have to drive around our get stuck on as they are deployed in front of them. Annoying to say the least.
Stick a fork in this one its done.

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Where’s Wyle Coyote ?
OK, I know… ♪|♫


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