Operation blackout thoughts

How are you all feeling about the new ravager mode? I’d rate it better than radiance, worse than red light.

There’s a lot of flaws in the mode but the biggest ones for me is on how as a survivors, assists do not count to enemies killed challenge, forcing you to grind this mode more than you really want to if you want to get the crate. Also on the same front, you can miss out on points a lot if you aren’t running something like a point farming minigun build, and someone else is, once again prolonging the grind to what feels like an artificial degree.

The rewards are not really worth it imo, the only thing worth mentioning is a duck and other than that it’s recycled content and mostly paints of “yet another basic color like dark grey and slightly darker grey”. This also works in favor of the mode, as the rewards are not anything must-have so you’re not that forced to play the mode

Balance wise it feels ok, not as bad as radiance but not as good as red light. Overall a bit too chaotic for my taste and I am not a big fan of the spider ravager builds for the mouse steering. But at least on this mode wether you are playing as a ravager or as a survivor, the mode feels like a pain in the ass for the most part so I guess it’s pretty balanced. Overall not a big fan, radiance and blackout both feel like red light made worse by stuffing it full fo random stuff in the hopes of making it more epic for the players. Extra grindy and a pain in the ass to grind, not fun to play like red light


is why i don’t play it. i’d rather pick scabs off like peeling skin off from a sunburn but the latter is more fun. :rofl:


If you are looking for kills to clear the challenge, I find it’s better to play as a ravager. I suspect some people are intentionally dying early so they can respawn as a ravager.


blackout is a hard mode for me. I didn’t win even once on the first day. As for the map, I probably like it the most out of these three chasing games. :slight_smile:


I like the map, The rewards lack luster. Everyone wants a duck, but this one just isn’t a must have for me. Personally I feel MG’s and shot guns should only be allowed and a maximum per build at a limit. Sparks, grenade launchers & any rail guns of any kind shouldn’t be allowed just as the rocket booster were banned. People are learning how to beat the system quickly. I do enjoy playing it otherwise. Overall a max 5K PS limit would be my preference. Even though with strategic moves the spiders win. Question, Why does Lloyds laser affect the spiders? Thinking they are all on his side .

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The closest I’ve seen to survivors winning was they killed Lloyd, his crippled ship was flying off barely still in the air, and this ramp opened up and the survivors went up it. It LOOKED like the survivor aircraft was supposed to be there, but before anything else happened the ravagers killed them all. I have no idea what happened because I was a ravager before the final battle. :sob:


It’s Junk. Either have a match where I spawn as a Ravanger and can’t even drop down from the starting ledges because you die instanlty,… Or the freakin game spawns you a mile behind any blue player and you can never catch them.

Only able to complete the 5x kill missions by spawning as a blue tank… Not fun.

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So after the ramp (mentioned in my previous post), you have to fall off the ramp, and it has a looonngg downward slope to the airship. if you make it all the way down the slope THEN you win (after killing Lloyd and the other stuff obviously).

can’t go with friends tho :sob:



I appreciate the dev’s trying to give us an interesting map. However, I found after trying it 5 times or so that it got old pretty fast.

As stated by other players the rewards sucked butt. If it was me, I would have created unique Ravager CK’s, new decor and new stickers.

Throw in a free portrait of a resistance fighter against the ravagers. Give us a portrait of a Ravager equal to the Red Baron… someone scary.

Create a vehicle of the Red Baron Ravager that is like a second boss fight. Not fast but a lethal enemy with some gimmicks that can be cool and surprising.

Working as a team to overcome this bad guy.

Just saying lots of ways to make it better.



Another survivor win?!??!?!?


Out of about 14-15 battles, I saw survivors win three times. :smile:

It’s a great map and an interesting concept, I just wish more survivors had a chance of winning. It’s definately designed to give the win to ravagers most of the time. I’m usually one of the few voices suggesting to let the humans make it to the end, after I’m killed myself. Usually I say something like “Let the survivors win, and Gaijin loses!”. Almost nobody listens. :unamused:

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If I catch up with you in one of these brawls & I should be a ravager, I will help out.

I haven’t play it yet
Better than radiance, worse than red light?
I never thought that way
for me, radiance was a lot more fun once we could get to “race”, much more intense IMO.

How’s the rewards, scrap i mean?

this new operation, is doable by drones? or i have to build a MG// AC build?
Fast? Armoured?

I’d rate the three modes red light >>>>> blackout > radiance

It’s less race than the other two and more of a survival fiddling

Minimal usual plastic as reward I think I got a 6-8 per battle in average

Fast mg/ac is the way to go, drones seem to work less better in this mode than the other two, as instead of being chased by ravagers you’re mostly just being rushed by ravagers from various direction


OMFG I just survived for the first time!! :open_mouth:

Barely played 5 of each of these modes, can’t play with friends and the rewards suck… already played 2 of them years ago and they’re unchanged aside from now being unable to play with friends…

Blackout is a cool gimmick but got bored after a few matches… ran out of ammo on the boss at one point which was stupid… should have drops… insta-kill laser that you sometimes can’t dodge is just scummy.

5 years or so of build up and this is what we get? Kinda bad tbh.

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I find this event enjoyable, with exception to the players who: can’t drive, don’t help team mates, get way too far ahead of the group, and who generally don’t pay attention.
Otherwise it’s nice to have a “Boss Battle”. Lloyd feels like the first actual “final boss” in the game.
I can consistently beat this mode by exploiting the “gates” in three sections of the map, allowing better enemy spawns and map control. Engaging Lloyd without enemies around for 30 seconds is helpful in stripping the weapons off his Flying Fortress.
Sadly position and points determine outcome. Finishing the run all the way to the allied hover platform doesn’t help you get more points or result in anything more than a Draw! So farm those kills after killing Lloyd.
As far as being a Ravager… you’ll find you won’t be slowed down as much by running the build backward to protect the “eyes”.
As with all events… rewards could be better.

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I like Radiance best. It seemed the most balanced.


I hate it. All I’ve got is stickers. I hate using legs.